Headteacher School Update. 5th June 2020



Welcome to the weekly update. As each week passes new information may become available, however, relevant information from previous updates will remain.

We are working with a wide range of colleagues to prepare for the new session in August 2020. It is critical that all detailed planning is complete and shared across the services to ensure we are taking all steps necessary to deliver safely the first steps back to young people being in the school building. It is envisaged that this will be a gradual process and there are likely to be continual changes as we progress through the session. We are working extremely hard to complete our planning for the first term so we can share with parents and young people the details for learning at home and in school from August 2020. This is a complex process and involves a ranges of services and many new solutions to ensure we fully meet the Scottish Government guidance. You patience is fully appreciated and as soon as we can share the details we will.

Our initial plans (subject to change) are to set the blended learning timetable for each term. The purpose for this is to give clarity for the immediate weeks ahead and to allow planning for future terms if and when restrictions change. It is envisaged that the current online learning format will form the basis of next sessions learning and any time in school will be used to support progression. This will ensure that should there be a repeat of the current circumstance, we would simply continue or if restrictions continue to be lifted we can increase the support in school. Furthermore, by continuing with this approach pupils and staff will be able to engage if for any reason they cannot attend school eg self-isolating. I appreciate much of this is speculation, but we are planning strategically to give us the widest range of flexibility, consistency for all and to ensure our young people can achieve and attain in these challenging times.

Please stay safe and take care.

Kind regards: Mr Black (Headteacher)

Receiving Updates

Who to contact

As we move into the new session 2020-2021, each year group will have the following members of the senior leadership team as their year head. From Monday 1st June 2020 please use the following links:

S1: Mr Arnold (DHT) - clparnold@glow.sch.uk
S2: Mr Clancy (DHT) - cltgclancy@glow.sch.uk
S3: Mr Burrell (Acting DHT) clrburrell@glow.sch.uk
S4: Mr Murray (DHT) - clemurray@glow.sch.uk
S5/6: Mrs McMaihin (DHT) - clhmcmaihin@glow.sch.uk

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Our processes for session 2019-2020 are complete and as we await the results in August we now turn our full attention to preparing our senior phase pupils for next years exam diet. It is still unknown what changes, if any, will be in place and it is therefore, critical that all young people fully engage with the current course work and assessment to ensure successful outcomes next year. There are a number of constraints completing national qualifications, but time available is one of the most critical. We must now use all available time whether through home learning or with teacher contact in school to maximise learning and development. I would again urge any parent, carer our young person to contact their year head if there are any difficulties as soon as possible given the limited time we have.

All pupil estimates have now been submitted to the SQA and have been signed off by us as a school and Lorraine Sanda our Chief Education Officer. Our estimates are in line with what we expected our young people to achieve earlier in the year and we look forward to pupils receiving their results in August.



Throughout the lockdown period we have tried to ensure a good balance of providing learning materials and support. There are regular communications with staff where there are difficulties around learning, access or wellbeing. At all times we wish to be sensitive to the current challenges whilst still trying to ensure our young people can progress their learning and be in the best position possible for when we return.

However, regardless of circumstances we need to ensure that learning for all young people is centred around them, their abilities and needs for progression. This is a key consideration as we plan for next session in organising learning groups and classes to maximise achievement and attainment. The last few weeks of term remains critical for learning given the slower pace of coverage using distance and online learning. Please encourage your child(ren) to fully engage with their learning, class teachers and to seek support where required.

Below is some samples of learning materials that pupils are accessing to share with parents and carers. These are continuing to develop, but I thought it would be helpful to share at this point.

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Good to know

other information

Senior Leadership Team responsibilities

As planned we have moved team responsibilities across the senior leadership team. There is several reasons for this change, but mostly to ensure we as a school continue to evolve and develop best practice in key strategic elements of our work. The new responsibilities are as follows:

Depute Headteacher: Personal Support - Mr Arnold

Depute Headteacher: Performance - Mr Clancy

Depute Headteacher: School Improvement - Mr Murray

Depute Headteacher: Learning & Curriculum - Mrs McMaihin

Out New Top Team for 2020-2021

Robbie Warnock / Alexander Payne / Alexander Young / Kye O'Hagan / Christopher Gibson/ Rachel Pirie

Congratulations to Kye O'Hagan and Robbie Warnock who have been appointed as School Captains for session 2020-2021.

Digital Clacks


Clacks Council Education Services


P7 Transition

Over the last few weeks we have been working with all of our associated primary schools on transitioning our current P7's into S1 for August.

To date we have had an incredible response to the tasks set and staff are enjoying getting to know our new S1 through their tasks and information shared.

These tasks and engagements will continue through our P7 website over the next couple of weeks and we look forward to welcoming them to Lornshill Academy in August.

Due to the current constraints and guidance we will focus our transition efforts through our online platform and are now planning an induction programme for all new S1's in August. All details will be shared with parents / carers along with our school information for term 1.

S2 & 3 Learning Grids will be Groupcalled to all parents and carers.

Senior Phase Learning

All new S4,5 and 6 classes will be notified through their google classrooms of the work to be completed. Please contact the relevant Faculty Head if there are difficulties in completing set tasks.

National 5