Water Cycle By jonah cooper

I began my journey as a water molecule in the river. I was flowing down stream with a bunch of other droplets and all of a sudden lots of us were bing slerped up like a tornado by a cat.

"Eewwwwwwww! It smells in in hear." every one screamed.

Then some one asked me something.

"Hi! My name is fire." Fire shouted.

"My name I........" Wet got interrupted.


Aaaaaaaaa! SPLAT! OUCH!

"We are out of that smelly insided cat now." every one yelled and seemed to be happy now.


Then Fire asked, "Where are we?"

"We're in the soilsurface." Wet told fire and looked at him weirdly.

"What's you name?" Fire asked.

"My name is wet." Wet said worried about other stuff.

"Can we be friends?" Fire asked like he had nothing.

"Sure!" exlaimed Wet.

"What do you want to do?" asked Fire.

"Talk till we get cycled somewhere else."

"Where do you think we might get cycled next?" asked Fire worried that he will have his friend separated from him.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" some one screamed. "I'm floating to the clouds!"


"Aaaaaaaaaaa! I'm floating to the clouds too!" Fire yelled worried.

"Aaaaaaaa! I'm floating to the clouds too!" Wet yelled worried.

After a wile Wet and Fire got evaporated into the atmosphere and condensated into clouds.

"I'm going to punch the clouds to make us come out." Wet told Fire.

Then they all started to precipitate down as snow into the mountains. Wet and Fire landed in the same spot on top of each other.


"I'm so happy we are still on this adventure together!" Fire yelled in me ears.

"I'm so happy that we are safe." Wet worried of a cracking sound.

"We could be on this ice for ages and not move!" Wet yelled. Mabe to loud. All of a sudden a whole lot of ice broke and fell many feet down and Wet and Fire were on that gigantic pice that fell.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" many other snow flakes screamed.

The ice came down with a big CRASH!

"OUCH!" exlamed Wet and Fire.

"We are flowing down a stream!" they both yelled.

"And it's freezing cold!" Wet shivered.

After a wile they were in the same location that they got slurped up by that smelly cat.

"Now we are heading into a lake!" Wet exclaimed.

"We are in the lake now!" yelled Fire.

They played for a wile. Then they started infiltrating into the ground water along with lots of other people.


"Hey, I feel so clean!" yelled Wet.

"I feel so clean too!" yelled Fire.

Then Fire asked, "where are we?"

"We are in the ground water. We infiltrated here and could be hear a long time!" Wet told Fire happily.

After about week of being infiltrated through the ground water and stored, Wet and Fire infiltrated up into the lake again.

Then thy ended up in the ground water again.


"Will we be hear a long time?" asked Fire.

"I dont know. We could be hear for years and years!" exclaimed Wet.

Then they infiltrated up in the the river again where that cat was when it slurped them up like a tornado.

Then they ended up back in the ground water.

"I wish we would stop infiltrating to the ground water!" exlamed Fire.

"I do to!" yelled Wet.

Wet and Fire were once again infiltrating up to the river.

"Aaaaaaaaaa!" some one in the distance yelled, "I'm floating into the air!"


"Aaaaaaaaaa! I'm floating into the air!" Wet and Fire yelled.

"I'm nervous!" exclaimed Fire.

"Where are we going next?" asked Fire.

"I do not know." Wet thought where they cold end up next.

After a wile the clouds got dark and started to rumble.


"These clouds must be thunder clouds."

"I'm scared of thunderstorms!" Fire jumped behind Wet and hid.

Bam! Lightning struck so far away that it looked like a pice of dust. And it was loud!

"Aaaaaaaaa! Fire screamed louder than the thunder.

Then Wet and Fire began precipitating into the lake below them and many other water droplets fell out of the sky into the lake. More thunder roared along the sky like lions. It started to rain dogs and cats.


"It's raining dogs and cats!" yelled Wet.

"I don't see any dogs OR cats. Where are the dogs and cats falling out of the sky?" Fire asked.

"It's a way of saying it's poring rain like buckets being pored on our heads." Wet explained it as carefully as possible to Fire.

"Oh." Fire was a little confused at first, but got the meaning quickly.

They were talking about it so long that they didn't realize that they had infiltrated into the ground water.


"Oh, we are in the ground water and I didn't even notice!" Wet looked around some and saw that they were in the same place that they ceped being infiltrated into over and over again to the lake and river. They stayed there in the ground water storage for many weeks and just talked about what to do in the future.

They eventually found themselves infiltrating to the lake that the river connected to.

"Nice sunny day to have fun and play!" Wet yelled and everyone started playing.

"THAT CAT! THAT SMELLY CAT!" some one yelled.


The cat started to slurp water up and Wet and Fire got slurped up along with lots of other water droplets.

"Great were in the the cat again!" Fire yelled anxious to get out.

After a wile Fire and Wet got sweated out of that cat and evaporated into the atmosphere with lots of other clouds.

"Can I punch the clouds like you did once we met?" asked Fire.

"I guess." Wet looked ready to get sick.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa, I'm falling!" Fire yelled loudly.

"We are in the ocean." Wet yelled.

"How long are we going to be hear?" asked Fire.

"We could be hear for years!" Wet exclaimed.

They stayed in the ocean for 11 years and then started the whole cycle over and over again for......... until the end of time.

Hope you enjoyed the water cycle story.🙂

Pictures from https://search.creativecommons.org

Created By
Jonah Cooper


Hope you enjoyed this story.

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