Charon Greek mythology

Charon was the ferryman of the dead, and underworld daimon (Spirit) in the service of king Haides. Hermes Psykhopompos (Guide of the dead) gathered the shades of the dead from the upper world and led them down to the shores of Akherousian were in the under world Charon transported them to Haides in his skiff. His fee was a single obolos coin which was placed in the mouth of a corpse upon burial. Those who had not received proper burial were unable to pay the fee and were left to wander the earthly side of the Akheron (Acheron), haunting the world as ghosts.

Charon's Traits: He was Dark, One of his traits i say is that he is dark because 1. He is working in the underworld for Hades and 2. His father was the god of the Darkness and his mother was the goddess of night. His second trait would be Old because he is an old man basically in slavery for eternity. Then the last trait i say would be Evil because he is in the underworld working for Hades.

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