Module 3 Discussion Group 1- Dustin Dewey, WOH 2022

The invention of gunpowder had an incredible impact on economics and politics, especially of China, where the fateful compound was first discovered. On the economic side of things, gunpowder remained a monopoly of the Chinese empire for almost four centuries, but eventually the technology spread along the silk road and into Europe. Once the technology spread along the silk road, the use of gunpowder was utilized all across Europe, and marked the birth of a new industry in the economic climate of the time, one that would grow to become one of the most important new industries in the world at the time.

An early rendition of one of the many uses for gunpowder

In the political sphere, gunpowder completely changed the face of warfare, a useful political tool of the time when diplomacy didn't work. One example of the impact that the advent of gunpowder had on politics would be the increase and great use of gunpowder in siege warfare.

A large fire arrow fired from a ballista, used to combat siege warfare

Expansion of military technology most likely put a strain on relationships between countries, as each country was using their military might to enforce their own wants and needs on the world market as far as trading goes. the expanded use of gunpowder only served to increase the power of the armies of these different world powers of the time, and seriously advanced the warfare capabilities of the time.

Gunpowder-based developments in the military world was an incredibly important advancement. It is so important that I personally would liken it to something like the use of horses in warfare as opposed to all soldiers being on foot. It completely revolutionized the way that warfare worked. Before this time, the options for ranged warfare were incredibly limited, mostly to arrows and the trebuchet. After gunpowder became an established method of warfare, the world saw one of the greatest advancements in the history of warfare. While it was likened earlier to the idea to use horses in warfare, it's hard to put these two military advancements on the same level, as gunpowder had such massive, world altering effects beyond just warfare. It brought about an overall change in the way that so many aspects of life were carried out, such as things like hunting and tunneling through rock for the purpose of creating tunnels. Gunpowder also brought about the single most important advancement in military technology since humans started warring: the firearm. This is such an important advancement, and it has helped to progress the world in such a profound way, helping out with things such as protection, hunting for food, and also hunting for commerce.

Depiction of the use of guns





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