Demon Hunters by clarisse Burns

In my dream, I was myself but I was a demon hunter/paranormal investigator. I had just finished a case in my dream, and a couple showed up to our office asking for help. One of them was possessed, nothing too serious it seemed but they were really scared. It skipped ahead and I was at party in the backyard of my house at night. It was lit up with string lights but all of a sudden the lights went out and everyone went silent. A terrible scream like somebody was dying pierced the air and it was so scary but I knew it was the demon. I was by the fence and it sounded like it was coming from behind it and something was trying to climb over so I ran to the other side of the backyard but somehow it was there now. I started to run into the house, but the lights went back on and Santa was there stumbling around in his boxers and everyone thought the screaming was him raping someone. It switched back to me being with the couple and we figured out that the demon wasn't just haunting them, it was terrorizing the whole town. I assured them we would solve this and catch it but they were still very afraid. It then switched to me going to UIL I think and I was going to check in and there was a pretty big crowd around the signup sheet/ interview seat. I finally sat down and they asked me to write down my name on the sheet, but I could only write down other people's names and it was super embarrassing but then the lights went out again and the demon was there so everyone evacuated. It switched to me being at the park and the demon was there too. Then, perspective switched to a single mother and her two children. There was a boy and a girl, both had some deformity. They were so afraid of the demon, they were sleeping in the same bed as their mother. The daughter, whose perspective this part was in, asked her mom if they could go to the park but her mom said no it was too dangerous that they needed to just stay inside. The girl insisted, she said if they didn't lead a normal life as much as possible the demon would win. The mother agreed and told the kids to go put on their clothes fast and they would leave. The girl started to walk to her room and on the way she passed a room where her pet bird was and the door was open and the room was dark. She closed the door and went to get changed. Walking back after getting dressed, she saw the door was wide open and some things in the cage were broken and thrown around it. There was a demon in the corner, but it just looked like a shadow, and the bird in the cage was staring right at the girl. She slowly grabbed the handle and pulled it closed really slowly and softly so she didn't draw attention to herself. She held it for a little in case the demon tried to open it again and then she left and started walking to the door with her mom. But then, all the lights went out and nobody could move. I realized this is a dream that all I had to do was open my eyes, that it couldn't hurt me, but I couldn't open my eyes. I couldn't see the demon but I felt it coming. Finally, I woke up.

Symbology: The demon can represent my emotional distress, negative habits, or my "shadow self. Seeing Santa could mean I need to be more giving. The fact that the children were deformed could mean I'm ignoring some undeveloped parts of me. The birdcage could symbolize loss/lack of freedom and the fact that lots of things inside the cage were strewn about could symbolize me trying to break out of my "cage" and be free. The bird inside represents my trapped goals I can't complete because of my lack of freedom.

I think my dream best fits the psychoanalytic view, as it seems to represent my fears. I do feel like I'm trapped and have a lack of freedom, as symbolized by the birdcage and the bird inside also shows how I feel like somethings I want to do are being suppressed and restricted. The demon could be the anxiety I usually feel and how it seems to follow me everywhere. Seeing Santa Claus might be that I feel like I could be a better, more giving friend. The deformed children might represent how I feel like I can expand and better myself, and that there are parts of myself I try to ignore and suppress.


Created with images by illustir - "Santa" • Greyerbaby - "kids boys children" • GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare - "Empty Cage" • Omar Le Fou - "Demons" • Flo's shots 4 me - "dreams"

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