Liberty By The Interrupters

The Interrupters

2014 | Punk

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“There's no moving up, too many mouths to feed. -- Take all they want from the ones who need. -- Better quiet down, don't speak your mind."


  • This is the bands first single and was released as a limited edition 7" through Pirates Press Records.
  • Aimee Allen met the Bivona brothers in 2009 when their band was opening for The Dirty Heads & Sugar Ray.
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Luke Tatum

Like a tale out of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. "Better quiet down, don't speak your mind; Nod your head like everything's fine; Don't verbalize it; 'Cause if they hear you; They'll hunt you down and disappear you." So, where did our liberty go? Down the hole of history, as the people have for generations allowed ever more infringements. What seems like a "common sense" compromise in the present, leads to more and more of the same in the future. Erosion. Wearing away. The income tax seemed innocent enough when it was enacted, right? It's only a tax on the rich, they said! But the people who want to take your liberties are the ones approving the history books, so here we are.

Sherry Voluntary

Where did my liberty go? You voted it away. You will never vote yourself free.

Nicky P

The most interesting thing I find about this song is the question it keeps asking: Where did our liberty go? This presupposes any of us had liberty to begin with. As I've been told so many times I was born into a social contract that you'd imagine wouldn't be binding since I never signed it. If that's not enough when the time arrives to go out and support myself in the world I'm immediately robbed for a percentage of my money. I'm sure they can always bring those boundaries in on us and make the prison smaller but it sure sounds like my liberties were infringed in large ways the moment I was born. Don't even get me started on the ways we're robbed through inflation and demanded to show papers when we get in a car or enter the buildings where all the decisions about our lives are made. A better question is: Did we ever have liberty?

Created By
Nicky P