Stop deportations

Researchers show that most crime has either been stable or lower in cities that have the most percentage of immigrants so deportations should be stopped because if that continues the crime rate will go up and that doesn't suit our country

Income taxes

When an immigrant uses someone else's security number it's actually not a bad thing because they are doing it to get a job that most people at enot willing to do and when an immigrant uses that persons security number and they pay their taxes they are actually paying for the persons taxes and that money that they get from their time that they spent on their job and that money that goes to their taxes they won't ever see a penny of it none of that money that they are paying the government is ever coming back to them and the government is wasting that money on stuff like deportations and "building a wall" which at the end it Will hurt the country at the end because a lot of the government uses comes from all the hardworking immigrants that are being kicked out.


Deportations must stop because most of he jobs that immigrants have are the ones that most American citizens won't do because janitor isn't the job you studied for because the sun is too hot or the winter is too cold to work at jobs that are taken place outside and that is where you see most immigrant workings when they cut your grass they clean your crap from the toilet they plant your plants they build your buildings and they do the things that you are to lazy to do so why do you want to stop all that just because they are "stealing all the jobs" well all that is bullcrap because most of the things they do you wouldn't dare to do so stop deporting innocent people

So no immigrants aren't stealing your jobs ;)

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