Ancap Grind By The Pholosopher


2019 | Rap

"Praxeology without exception. A prioiri, bitch sit down & hear this lesson."


  • This track was the balldrop for some on new years 2019. It coincided with a "government shutdown" which hopefully hasn't ended before you're reading this.
  • Voluntayist comic book creator Jack V Lloyd was a producer on the track.
  • As of the time of this writing, the track on youtube is listed as public attribution, so staying with principle and anti-IP.


Luke Tatum

Respect. The song is practically Greek to someone completely outside of the libertarian movement, but for those of us in the know? This is a treat. I sure hope the Pholosopher is right, and "laws cannot contain us."

Sherry Voluntary

While this first effort from the Pholosipher, is in need of a little polish in the delivery, the lyrics are a primer to Anarcho-Capitalist ideology, covering everything from agorism to peaceful parenting. Honestly, it tooks a minute or two, but with it’s catchy beat, it grew on me, and I found myself bopping around to it. I look forward to seeing another outing from The Pholosipher. Afterall, it ain’t easy to fit praxeology into a song.

Nicky P

You crazy Kids and your rap I no longer get, thanks for making me feel old. At least I know enough ancap biz to follow the references, and boy are there many. This song really isn't my style so I think it's best to look at it as a big name drop factory for the younger generation. I'm imagining a bunch of much younger people asking themselves what the hell praxeology or Mises & Rothbard are and being forced to look it up to make sure it's not Nazi shit. (We know how feerful of Nazi's the kids are.) Did they just say a-priori, shit son theyre getting latin up in here. All kidding aside if the song brings one extra kid to Pholosopher's other viseos it was totally worth it. I'm gonna start yelling kids to get off my lwn now, tho.

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Nicky P

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