Scoring a game winner in hockey by mason

The feeling of when you pull back your stick lock it in place and aiming it,
then the best part when you let it rip right into the mesh of the hockey net
then the buzzer sounds and all of your teammates surround you and screaming
then going to the blue line to get your awards because you just won the championship! And then your coach gives you the mvp award and you're just speechless then he gives you the trophy as well
and then you're leading the team in the victory lap
then skate off the ice going back into the dressing room and your teammates congratulate you of how of an amazing goal you have scored.
Created By
mason crosbie


Created with images by kclarke - "hockey outdoor rink net" • jill111 - "ice hockey hockey player young" • keijj44 - "hockey goalie goalkeeper" • waitscm - "Green light" • ansik - "MM-kannu(naama)" • ostgotasporten - "ice hockey lhc saab arena" • RichardBH - "Dressing Room"

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