Why Learn to Keyboard? Ally Hall

To know why we want to learn keyboarding, what is it? Keyboarding is the ability to enter text by using the correct fingers without looking at the keys. Doing so will increase your keyboarding skills and the ability to use your computer more effectively and be more productive with your time.

The first reason to begin learning keyboarding is that you can complete tasks and jobs more efficient. Imagine how hard it would be to finish a school project while staring down at a keyboard. When you begin to get in the habit of looking at the keyboard instead of the screen, you tend to lose focus.

The second reason is you have more free time to do other things instead of focusing on typing. Instead of grandma-typing, keyboarding correctly can increase your typing speed. Due to that, you will gain more time to do other tasks.

I think the most important reason is for your health. If typing incorrectly, a person may acquire carpal tunnel syndrome. With good typing techniques that can be demonstrated, you are less likely to develop different types of keyboarding diseases.

Another reason is that it becomes a good habit for the work environment. Most jobs will require at least a bit of knowledge over the keyboard. Learning to type efficiently will help even in school. You will have endless amounts of tests and homework that will require you to type.

Another fascinating reason to begin keyboarding is that it improves literacy. Improving your literacy becomes increasingly important. Keyboarding can help with this due to your exposed environment to spell-check and recommended words. Bettering your literacy helps with college applications, job applications, school work and work.

Lastly, when keyboarding correctly, it can help your posture. Posture becomes increasingly important as you begin to work and get into high school. Having poor posture can cause back aches and neck aches. Also, having a bad posture is related to laziness. When applying for a job, you do not want to slouch. Learning to keyboard correctly can help with this.

With all of this information concluded, typing effectively is very important.






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