Henry V11 . By Gould ace websites

Henry posing for a portrait.
  • Reign : 1485 - 1509
  • Henry Tudor was the first Tudor king.
  • Fast facts :
  • 1. Henry kept his money to himself and he rarely spent it so he was not well dressed.
  • 2. Henry had a pet monkey , legends say that his monkey broke into his study and ripped Henry`s diary that he loved.
  • 3. Henry brought peace to England and he hated war , unlike his son Henry V111 .
A Tudor castle .


Created with images by Monica Arellano-Ongpin - "Bust of Henry VII, Victoria and Albert Museum" • lisby1 - "James V, King of Scotland, Father of Mary, Queen of Scots, Son of Margaret Tudor, Grandson of Henry VII" • Robert Cutts (pandrcutts) - "The Church of the Holy Rude"

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