Deserts By:Kenden

A desert is a long, dry and hot so some animals have lived in this lonely area of sand and little water.

This is a tarantula and they have adapted to the desert.And they are nocturnal and they come out at night.

This is a a desert owl called the barn owl. This owl feed on mice and and other mice.

This is a horned toad.It has a way to live in the desert.

This is a plant is called the cactus. This plant has needle-like thing that if you touch it will hurt very bad.

This is a Joshua tree it is a desert tree and it has not any attack that i know of.

If i was in a desert i could smell sand and if i could see the desert it would be like sand and lot's of rocks.If i could feel a desert i would feel sand and maybe a animal.

Can you be in a flood if you in the desert if you are lucky?

Some vocabulary word that fit with a desert are, Adaption: A body part or a behavior to survive in a habiat, vertebrate : an animal with a backbone[ like a horned toad], And last is Invertebrate:a animal with out a backbone.

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