SUSTAINABILITY !Harishan and Harshan!

Here we have a brief video explaining Sustainability.

Walking or riding a bicycle at whatever point conceivable, instead of using a car all the time. Inflating your car tires, driving slower, and combining trips will all help you save gas when driving is necessary.
Be conscious about the things around you. Try re-using things, like water bottles, paper, etc. Also reducing the amount of waste you bring in and the amount of trash that goes to the landfill is an important part of any green lifestyle.
Disposable water bottles affect our planet. Disposable water bottles come from all sorts of companies, which cause pollution. Not only that but It harms our environment because it isn't reusable, so people just throw it wherever they want which affects our environment and it also affects health. But reusable water bottles are much better. It is reusable, so you don't have to throw it out. Not only does it not affect the environment and not cause pollution. People think Disposable water bottles are cheap, but you waste money practically each month, which is a huge waste of money when you could just buy a reusable water bottle.
An estimated 50% of all household water usage is wasted. So try to cut down some time when you shower. At least shower for 5-10 minutes, Off the tap when you're done brushing your teeth, washing hands, etc.
Millions of people don't turn off lights, computers, etc. Not only is it a waste of money, it also causes light pollution. When we don't turn off our lights, It disturbs animals. Turning off the lights and opening up your blinds is a money saver, and you get bright sun

(mainly for people like SHARAN)

In Conclusion, Do these things and you will find out how sustainability looks like.

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