Technological Interactions in Daily Life Michael Sorochin


This is an image of me using a computer to do my online class work. A computer is such an amazing technology to be able to use because it means every day no matter the time I can get on a computer and answer any questions I have or entertain myself with videos.

Cell Phone

This is an image of me using my cell phone in one of my online classrooms. A cell phone is especially nice in every day life because it is pretty much the same thing as a computer, except It is portable enough to carry with me always in my pocket, and it also has the added functionality of letting the user call or text anyone in the contact list.


This is me using a printer in my computer lab. A printer is really important in my daily life because it allows me to print off my work I do for classes and in a more general sense it allows people to print of their ideas and share them with the world in paper format.


This image is me turning on my light in my room. Light is probably one of the most important technologies I use every day, even though it may not seem that important. It allows me to be in control of the amount of light surrounding me, and make it light even when it is dark outside or dark when it is light outside.


This is me turning on my fan in my room. This fan is very important to me because my room is always hot, and I hate it hot. I constantly keep this fan on, especially when I'm sleeping, because I cannot sleep in the heat. The fan is very important to my daily life because it allows me to more or less control the temperature around me.


This is me turning on my television in my bedroom. I use this t.v to play video games and watch Netflix. This technology is important to me every day because it allows me to be entertained at any time of the day.


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