April Customer Product Design The canvas is never blank, it's full of opportunity

April in Review


  • ACS2 Market Funding Fulfillment is iteratively designing & gathering alignment
  • Frontier - RPO approval process design iterated and accepted
  • ASC2 - Digital Commerce - Identified potential workshop process for discussion and internal alignment. Initial concepts for a shared workspace in flight.
  • Frontier RPO soybean specific design needs in process
  • PPP - In Development - Assisted in story creation, selection, and sprint needs
  • Team building - panel interviews IP. Will complete in early May

Team Building

  • Job reqs, postings, and manager screens completed. Panel interviews IP
  • Additional emphasis will be placed on team building with workshops and retros with the number of new additions expected.
  • Associated funding streams - ACS2 - Digital Commerce, Frontier - Sales Effectiveness, PPP, Frontier SE, Frontier - RPO

Market Funding Fulfillment - ACS2

  • Creating offers - 'done' from an MVP / conceptual perspective. There are still things to consider in order to make the design scalable. Plan to refine during detail design.
  • Sarah received props from the PM. Her and the BA ran the weekly meeting when the PM out. He was pretty impressed with the amount of things we covered. Quote: 'Wow! You guys covered all this in an hour and a half?!'
  • Non-Discretionary workshops with the Vistex team complete
Documenting Offers Concept
Make Offer Landing Page Concept - Further iterations expected

Revenue & Pricing Optimization - Approval Flow

Kyle concepted, tested, and iterated on the approval flow for RPO

Dashboard Pre-Review
Dashboard Post Review

ACS2 - Digital Commerce (Platform, My Account, and ePay)

  • Prepping for workshop @ EOM / early June
  • Creating concepts to help portray idea of one common platform
  • Creating workshop agenda materials for internal conversation and alignment
  • Will look to reconnect with Design Studio pillar for partnership
Rough cuts: storyboard and landing page / menu concepts
Workshop Planning Ideation for Iteration

On Tap

  • ACS2 - Digital Commerce Workshop
  • ACS2 - Branded platform storyboards and concepts
  • ACS2 - MFF Refinement and detailed design
  • RPO - Soybean refinements iterated and feedback captured
  • Frontier - Sales Effectiveness - Wireframe palozaa
  • Team - finalize additions and onboard
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