Henry Hudson

HI i'm going to tell you about henry hudson he was born at england united kingdom he lived through 1565-1611 and has 3 brothers named christopher hudson, john hudson and thomas hudson.

He also worked for the dutch and the british.He married Katherine.His first voyage was on a small, three-masted ship named Hopewell. He started his journey in May of 1607 and returned in September of the same year when his route was blocked by the Great Barrier Reef.


1. He discovered the Hudson River, the Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay 2.He was born in London, England 3.Henry Hudson was the grandson of Henry Hudson, a London alderman, who helped found the Muscovy Trading Company4.Henry Hudson was well educated and studied a variety of subjects including cartography, navigation, astronomy, mathematics and seamanship 5.Henry Hudson was financed by the Muscovy Company to make voyages of exploration to the New World "to discover a passage by the North Pole to Japan and China.


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