Enhancing Learning Through Information Technology By Christine (Wick) Lacey

POST is the newest---free---rollout from Adobe. It allows you (and students) to create something QUICKLY that was just reserved for graphic designers in the past. It’s easy to insert your own photos (from camera roll in iPads/phones) to personalize. Page sizes can be adjusted (for various types of social media or for 8x11 posters) Functionality is more detailed on the computer but the iPad app has been designed for Apple devices so there is an animation option (saved as a video file)that web-based versions do not offer.

Spark is available as an iPad app AND on the web online via laptop/desktop etc. Presentations are published and shared as links (so...no big photo files to send or software for a viewer to download)

Adobe Spark helps educators wade further into the SAMR model

Make sure you have all 3 (separate) apps downloaded to your iPad: Post, Video and Page

Look at some examples on the site and check out the examples of: POST, VIDEO and PAGE https://spark.adobe.com/blog




This is a video I created on the spot in front of my class first semester - just to show them how easy it was ... and believe me, it is easy!

Also check out https://spark.adobe.com/edu

VIDEO (formerly Voice) A self playing slideshow with voiceover narration and music. Variety of templates allow for up to 2 images and text on each slide. Includes high quality built-in Adobe Stock photos in image library, but can use any image in camera roll or online. Spark Video has music built in, but users can upload their own music (Create your own tunes in GARAGEBAND, for instance…no copyright issues) Videos can be exported to camera roll or shared as a hypertext link (no data space used) Students can work offline (saved on iPad) Collaboration is trickier (no sharing options beyond sharing a password/account)https://spark.adobe.com/video/Athdrm6lcmDmv

PAGE Creates magazine-style web stories. Users can incorporate their own images as well as 'APP SMASH' by using Spark Post and Spark Video within an Adobe Page. I am not going to say much more about PAGE because you are reading an example of one right now!

"From nurturing young storytellers to teaching a language to testing reading comprehension and cultivating presentation skills, teachers across the country have used Spark to engage students in and outside the classroom." (Amy Copperman, educational blogger )

The above button is a link to an educator's blog about the fabulous ways Adobe Spark can be used in the classroom.

"Post, Video, and Page are truly easy to use, and though they won't put top content creators out of business, they give ordinary people a way to look good on social media. That they're free to use (even though the output shows Adobe branding) makes them even more compelling for those lacking large budgets." (Michael Muchmore, PC Magazine Lead Software Analyst).

"Adobe Spark has changed the way I look at the process and product of creation. It has allowed students the opportunity to show their understanding and consolidation of knowledge in new, exciting, engaging ways ... My students and I are hooked!" (Kelly P., classroom teacher)

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