My Technology Life World Jeremy Tidman

Ride with me through my technology life world, a diverse and incredibly large universe. Let's start with the vehicle. Here we see a picture of a 2005 Mini Cooper S, an important part of my life because it is how I get to and from places each and every day, including how I get to school where I can classes such as UVA Digital Tech.
Our first stop on the road that runs through my technology life world is at a cracked iPhone. This phone is probably the centerpiece of my technological life in that it is the one technological device I use more than any other.
The next stop on our journey is the computer at which I am typing in this caption. Here is where I do my work for the UVA Digital Tech class and where I waste large amounts of time with various useless and pointless activities.
Another incredibly important technology in my life, the porcelain throne is a technology that has greatly improved the quality of life of numerous people all across the world. Not only does it help keep people comfortable, but it allows for good hygiene in many ways.
The next step on our journey through my technology life world is at this little water fountain. While this fountain in particular is not entirely significant to me, the water it provides to me and the other students at my school is. Clean water and the technologies that make it accessible to those of us who are lucky enough to get it are some of the most valuable technologies in our world.
For our last stop on this magnificent tour, we come across possibly the most crucial technology found in my technological life world, the microwave. This technology transports me to a theoretical world of happiness by allowing me to prepare edible delicacies from home while at school in the cafeteria. Leftovers, hot pockets, frozen foods and much more become available to enjoy for lunch thanks to this wonderful technological device.
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Jeremy Tidman

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