In the beautiful city of New York. Filled big buildings and zooming cars. The city was never dark always being illuminated by streetlights. Never quite always filled with commotion and chaos.
Guy Fieri walked down the cobblestone sidewalks. Just like she did every night after hanging out with friends. Tonight the sky was dark almost pitch black no street lights to fill the sidewalk with light, but also no noise. It was an unusual occurrence and a creepy one to. As Guy fieri walked back to her home in Brooklyn she kept feeling eyes on her but whenever she turned around nothing was there.
She could here small whispers and footsteps behind her. The footsteps were getting louder and louder and Guy fieri started to run she ran almost a sprint she could feel a persons breath on her shoulder, she could hear the heavy breath of a person behind her then suddenly it all stopped. Guy fieri made it to her door.
Guy fieri got back home. She lived in a beautiful mole rat sanctuary where the sun was always shining. Never a cloud in sight. It only rained when the flowers needed to be watered. It was perfect. Guy fieri lived with her aunt martha Stewart. Guy fieri loved living there. Guy fieri was just a regular fun loving teenage girl who loved hair, clothes, and anything makeup. Her aunt was the exact opposite only caring about the essentials never looks or clothes.
Guy fieri slipped inside her bedroom and practically collapsed on her bed.
BEEP BEEP. Guy fieri alarm rung in her ears. Why would I put the alarm clock on it's the weekend. Dragging herself out of bed Guy fieri looked down at her nightstand. On it was a picture of Guy fieri and her mother. Guy fieris mother had been killed by someone throwing an extra crispy chicken tender at her head when she was just a little girl. Guy fieri remembered the day it happend.
“Guy Fieri your mother has been killed by a flying chicken tender,” said the police officer in an apologetic voice. Guy fieri fell to the ground and started sobbing. It quickly went from sadness to anger when she started throwing a temper tantrum about how her mother couldn't be dead. She soon got tired and the police officer had to carry her to her room.
Guy fieri awoke forgetting for millisecond what had happend the day before. Guy fieri was out of tears she could cry no more. She walked down stairs to see an unfamiliar woman in her kitchen. “Hello sweetie I'm your aunt and I'm here to stay with you for a while,” said the strange woman and that woman has been living with Guy fieri ever since.
Guy fieri got dressed and ate breakfast. Today Guy fieri was wearing a beautiful sequin shirt, a hot pink fedora, white capris, and a pink studded belt. For makeup it was hot pink eyeshadow and a hot pink lip. Everything from justice. Guy fieri was a relatively popular girl who loved fashion, so she always dressed to impress. Guy fieri made her way downstairs for breakfast.
When Guy fieri walked downstairs she saw an odd sight it was her aunt Martha talking to someone who looked very familiar they seemed to be in a fight. “YOU CANT JUST FOLLOW AROUND HER BOBBY SHE THINKS YOUR DEAD” “IM HER MOTHER I KNOW WHATS BEST FOR HER.” As soon as they saw me everything went dead silent and I finally recognized the woman it was my supposedly dead mother Bobby Flay. “What's going on here”, I ask My Mother to the first one to speak, “I'm back and I want to be a part of your life” Guy fieri couldn't hold back tears she sprinted over to her mother and started hugging her. “I thought you were killed by a flying chicken tendie”, sad Guy fieri in an accusing voice. “Your aunt lied I had to go away for a bit, but I'm back and want to be with you” said Bobby flay. Guy fieri realized something Bobby flay was the one following her last night. Martha Guy fieris aunt was still silent. I can't tell Guy fieri that I lied to her because her mother left for a squirrel chaser named S.E Hinton and went to live with him on a mole rat farm it would hurt her to much.
Weeks had past and Guy fieri had become very close to her long lost mother Bobby flay. They had very similiar personalities and loved all the same things. Then one day out of the blue a question came up. “Would you like to leave your aunt and come live with me on my mole rat farm in Nantucket” asked Guy fieri mother. “I had never really thought about it, but that sounds nice.” I say. Mother walked me back to aunt Martha's house just in time for dinner.
“Hey how was..” I cut aunt Martha off before she had time you finish the sentence, “I'm leaving go live with mom”, I blurt out. Aunt Martha drops the plate she was holding. “You lied to me about her being killed by a chicken tender”, yelled Guy fieri “I only lied to you to protect you. Your mom left because she met a sqwal chaser named S.E Hinton and they ran of together to raise mole rats in Nantucket. Then when S.E Hinton was killed in a sqwal chasing accident your mom came back.” Guy fieri was shocked she had no words. I can't believe aunt Martha lied to me my whole life. How could she do this thought guy fieri, but she still had a big decision to make. Stay with the person who raised her like a mother or go with her actual mother who wanted Guy fieri back. Guy fieri decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning.
Guy fieri had made her decision. She walked downstairs to see Aunt Martha Stewart talking to Guy fieris mother Bobby Flay. “Have you made your decision yet,” asked Bobby in a hopeful voice “I have decided,” I say calmly. I leave them waiting there for a few seconds before I finally worked up the courage to talk. “I'm staying with aunt Martha Stewart. She has raised me as a mothers for almost my whole life while you were of having the time of your life with a squirrel chaser I can't leave her because she's my real family. You can still visit me though.”, I say in almost a whisper. Martha looked at Guy fieri in relief then back at Bobby Flay who was sitting there on the brink of tears.
Bobby Flay got up walked to the door and left slamming the door behind her. You don't choose who your family is. It's the people who have been there for you throughout your life. I thought to myself
It's been a year since I've last seen my mother and I'm glad she's out of my life. DING DONG. It's the doorbell. Guy fieri gets up to see who it is. Guy fieri opens the door shocked by who it is.

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