The Brown House BY: Anthony brown

I am currently serving in the Air Force as a Jet Engine Mechanic. I have been in the Air Force for 10 years now. I put in hard work and dedication everyday however, it has its rewards. I plan on making the Air Force a career with hopes of getting my bachelors degree and commissioning (becoming an Officer).
The only decent work picture I have without making a face. We were in the middle of an exercise.
I am a loving husband and a father of 3 two boys and a little girl, any off time I have from work is spend with them. When your thousands of miles away from big family in the states, sometimes a little family is all you need.
"Family is not an Important thing, it's everything." -The Fresh Quotes

One of the advantages of being in the Military is being able to travel. With traveling comes one of my favorite hobbies which is taking pictures.

Looking over Lovers' Leap in Guam

One Crocodile of many a Crocodile Tour in Jamaica

Statue of Liberty Park in Japan

One of Sunsets in Guam

A mystery cave in Guam the I was to afraid to go in

Two lovers' point in Jamaica

Two lovers' point in Jamaica

Towada Snow festival in Japan

Towada Snow festival in Japan

Mountain Home Sand Dunes in Idaho

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A lion my family and I saw at Jamaica Zoo
One of my all time favorite things to do is try new food. I definitely love to eat!!! When ever I go somewhere new for TDYs or just traveling with my family I love to try the food of the locals.
Some of the local dishes from Japan and Guam Everything was SUPER GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!

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