Cerys Grail A look back at Q1 2017

Become Amazing People.


  • Managing time for blue room to remain in action when outreach sessions were also running.
  • Dedicating time to practise the new sessions that have been developed as well as looking through updates.


  • Creating a 4 week schedule that allows for blue room sessions to run whilst outreach takes place.
  • Developed my facilitation skills - running more variety of sessions whilst mastering sessions such as Online Safety, Hopscotch & Podcasting and leading larger groups alone.
  • Facilitated Accessibility at area 12 induction.
  • Practised external stakeholder management more and more, leading talks on what Discovery. With Three. is to large groups.


Hours of sessions run.

  • January - 56 hours
  • February - 83 hours
  • March - 103 hours
  • Averaged at 56 hours per month for 2016.

Blue room utilisation.

  • January - 31.17%
  • February - 42.95%
  • March - 44.93%
  • Averaged at 40.3% for 2016.
Blue Room successes - community groups, junior discovery and BAU all growing our customer base and making fans of Three.

Provide a Best Loved Experience for our People.


  • Not sharing enough stories/experiences with the wider Discovery team. I need to dedicate more time sharing what's working.
  • Engage more with stores to share what Discovery do. Internal groups have not visited Swansea this quarter.


  • Supported area 12 induction and kept clear communication in the interim.
  • Shared a variety of stories through Discovery Intranet page - sharing the wonderful things that we experience in Discovery.
  • Allowed stores to experience our outreach work first hand, with store members joining us in our evening sessions to gain a deeper understanding of what Discovery achieves for Three.
  • Supported Recruitment team by creating videos for SM video interviews.
Sharing all parts of Discovery through the Intranet.


Making fans internally.

Protect the business.


  • H&S challenge with working space outside of blue room.
  • Safe working when at community groups.
  • Challenge back from SM & AM regarding customers entering back of house.
  • Luggage that is secure for taking tablets/projector when doing outreach work.


  • Stock count completed weekly (saved on shared drive).
  • Worked with Will Collis to get approval for customers using staff toilets to support customer experience.
  • Working space agreed but work in progress.
  • All elements of customer bookings are managed daily.
  • Customer data kept on secure laptops only. Any information written is destroyed as per policy.

Exceed 2017 budget.


  • Lowering expenses by getting more value when out of store - linking sessions together that are close in distance.

Create an environment that supports delivery of the Best Loved Experience to all customers consistently.


  • Again - time management through Jan & Feb for keeping blue room functioning whilst out in the community to be available to more people more often.
  • Work with groups closer to us in Swansea. Our coverage area is growing which is provide an even bigger challenge on maintaining strong utilisation.


  • Building relationships with external stakeholders such as HSBC, youth clubs, scout groups, universities and schools etc. growing our base and reaching new people every week. 13 new Guides/Scouts groups were worked with throughout Q1.
  • Supported Lee with 'widescreening' - redeveloping the sessions and receiving positive feedback for my work.
  • Delivering weekly briefs to store teams and engaging in breakfast meetings with senior team from store has seen us reach an average of 12 bookings per week, leading to more people experience Discovery.
  • Supporting Safer Internet Day and receiving high praise from school.
  • Building strong relationships with local libraries - who now book customers onto our sessions for us.
  • Maintain communication and manage relationships with all community groups we have worked with. Many get in touch to book more, and even more leads are being passed through from recommendations.


Public Recognition.

Schools sharing the love on Twitter.

Hours of Community delivered.

  • January - 20 hours of community sessions
  • February - 33 hours
  • March - 58 hours
  • Averaged at 12.5 hours per week for 2016.

Increased contact with people and growing footfall at location.

  • January - 168 people (25 in blue room)
  • February - 317 people (62 in blue room)
  • March - 459 people (90 in blue room)
  • Averaged at 57 people per month (37 in blue room).

Swansea Store NPS.

  • January - 74.42%
  • February - 90.7%
  • March - 86.67%
  • Averaged NPS score for 2016 - 80.94%.

Great Survey Monkey feedback and happy faces!

looking forward to q2.

Become amazing people

  • Develop my facilitation to run business sessions competently.
  • Continue to manage the blue room vs outreach to grow our utilisation. Challenge - As we become busy offsite and onsite, managing the use of the iPads will become even more important.
  • Support new Discovery Manager of Maidenhead and Community Engagement Manager in any way I can.
  • Grow utilisation from 44% to 60% by end of Q2.
  • 110 hours of sessions running per month.

Provide a best loved experience for our people

  • Engage more with internal groups to support store understanding of Discovery and the wider picture.
  • Become Impactful & Influential. Attend course if available.
  • Increase my knowledge on digital inclusion and share these findings through the intranet posts. This supports my development in evidencing my knowledge of the field and also shows my writing skills.

Create an environment that supports delivery of the Best Loved experience to all customers

  • Support Lee with development of more sessions - researching potential sessions and supporting with the design. Supporting personal goal to get stronger at developing high quality sessions.
  • Continue to engage with area 12 to support us on outreach community groups.

Protect the business, customer & people

  • Continue to keep strong stock management & customer data compliance.
  • Set up and utilise desk space.
  • Keep stock safe when taken off-site.

Exceed 2017 Budget

  • Continue to manage expenses and stick to agreed budget.

Personal Best

  • Develop my professional profile on LinkedIn to connect with internal and external people.
  • Continue to attend meetings with external stakeholders to share what we do in Discovery - supporting my goal to build my influence skills and connect with an audience emotionally.

Thank you.

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