Revolutions in technology By Shailee Graham

Past: The Industrial Revolution

Cause #1- There was new inventions being made to produce more and transport more of the agriculture.

Cause #2- Sent a lot of people to work for the industries.

The enclosure movement sent a lot of the slaves to look for work after being kicked off the land they worked for.

Farm land

Forced to go to the cities and they started child labor.

Cause #3-

Declining death rate, made populations grow because of healthier crops.

Technological Developments:

Development #1- Iron and coal were parts of the new technology.

Development #2- The textile factories were expanding very quickly. They came up with a faster way to produce textiles, workers moved to the factories.


The manufacture of cloth was performed by individual workers, in the premises in which they lived and goods were transported around the country by packhorses or by river navigations.

Development #3-

Steamboats and trains made transportation easier and faster.

Positive effects on society:

Positive effects:
Positive effect #1- British had become wealthier due to the advancements.

Positive effect #2- The resource growth made people healthier

Healthy food choices

In most textile mills the children had to eat their meals while still working. This meant that the food tended to get covered with the dust from the cloth.

Positive effect #3-

The transportation from steamboats and trains made a big advancement for people to get around.

Negative effects on society:

Negative effects:
Negative effect #1- Coal minors and textile workers would end up dying due to lung damage.

Negative effect #2- Workers had to cope with sickness and work tenements just to feed and cloth their children.

Working mother

Children as young as six years old during the industrial revolution worked hard hours for little or no pay, which made them sick.

Negative effect #3-

Child labor was forced. Children would get beaten children, they worked in harsh conditions.

Past The Digital Revolution:

Cause #1-September 2, 1969: First time two computers communicated with each other.

Cause #2- The first " cell phone " was made by Motorola in 1973.

Since 1973 there have been improvements made...

1980's flip phone

For a full charge it took roughly 10 hours, and it offered 30 minutes of talk time. It also offered, display for dialing or recall of one of 30 phone numbers. It was priced at $3,995 in 1984.

Cause #3:

A fully assembled Apple I computer with a homemade wooden computer case.

Technological developments:

Development #1- Cellular devices became more advanced with internet access and apps which made social media more accessible.

Development #2- Social media has become a

Art of everyone's every day life, it's addicting and has made a huge impact on people's lives.

Social media apps

QUOTE: Though differing from many current social networking sites in that it asks not “Who can I connect with?” but rather, “Who can I connect with that was once a schoolmate of mine?”

Development #3:

When laptops were designed it was easier to carry around then a 45 pound computer.

Positive effects on society:

Positive effects:
Positive effect #1- with instant messaging we can contact people faster and from where ever.

Positive effect #2- Children who grew up knowing nothing but technology, can now use "messaging", "Snapchat" and much more to communicate.

You can be who ever you want on the internet.

QUOTE: Teenagers talk about the idea of having each other's 'full attention.' They grew up in a culture of distraction. They remember their parents were on cell phones when they were pushed on swings as toddlers. Now, their parents text at the dinner table and don't look up from their BlackBerry when they come for end-of-school day pickup. (Sherry Turkle).

Phone at table

Positive effect #3:

Online shopping has really grown and made things more simple.

Negative effects on society:

Negative effects:
Negative effect #1- Due to technology advancements people have become lazy and lose bone density and muscles.

Development #2- The growth in technology use has made the real world more difficult to recognize verses the virtual world.


Virtual worlds are not limited. Sometimes, emoticons or 'smilies' are available to show feeling or facial expression. Emoticons often Edward Castronova is an economist who has argued that "synthetic worlds" is a better term for these cyberspaces, but this term has not been widely adopted.

Negative effect #3-

New ways of speaking were made, in some countries they were interpreted differently.


Cause #1- The traffic has increased because of the population growth.

Cause #2- The mind grows and expands we think of new ideas and with those ideas we invent things.

QUOTE- Attachment happens whenever you believe that being, doing or having x, y or z will make you happier, more peaceful, loved, safe or successful.


Cause #3-

Resources such as fossil fuels, trees and land will soon diminish.

Technological developments:

Development #1- Technology will grow larger and become more realistic such as holograms.

Development #2- Flying cars are not quite invented YET, they will stop traffic.


Development #3-

Life on another planet will exist, new explorations.

Positive effects on society:

Positive effects:
Positive effect #1- Living on Mars will get us more resources and new experiments.

Positive effect #2- With flying cars we can make it possible to travel the world before the end of our lives.

Traveling is a hobby for most people, it's fun and you make memories, just imagine being able to go anywhere you wanted by flying car.

Bora bora

Positive effect #3-

Holograms can make it possible for you or somebody to be there without being physically there.

Negative effects on society:

Negative effects:
Negative effect #1- The shape of Mars may not have the equipment that we need to live.

Negative effect #2- Plane crashes are very dangerous and have killed millions of people.

What would flying cars have to add to the equation?

Plane crash + car = ☄☄

Negative effect #3-

We thought phones were expensive now, but with more advancements we are going to want the newer and better things as in phones with holograms.

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