Art Robot - Hillary Clinton by: mckayla

My art robot's outer look is Donald Trump, but is called Hillary Clinton.

Some of my ideas were that my robot was going to play music and that it would have wheels or legs to roll or walk on.

I wanted to invent a robot that would be programed to go around stuff like an obstacle course.

After we started the project we started with the body, legs, and started the coding for the arms.

We made the legs and the body with card board. the body turned out really good but the legs turned out really bulky.

Since the body turned out really well we started painting it blue and we painted the tie red.

After we finished the body the paint dried so we started 3-D printing the head. It turned out ok but it was a little small for the body but it's fine.

After we glued the head to the body, we started painting the legs yellow.

when we let the legs dry Madison started 3-D printing the arms. While she was doing that Spencer was coding so that the arm will spin, and I was cutting out silhouettes of Mexico and America.

I was cutting out silhouettes because we were gonna have donald trump splatter paint everywhere and then take the silhouette out and it would look like america and Mexico.

We had a little setback because when the arm printed it turned out that it was really small.

We only could use one arm because we only had one motor.

I had to cut a whole on the side of the body where that arm is suppose to be.

We put the arm and the motor together. But it was really difficult because it was hard to have the motor and the arm stay up from a thin cardboard. (The body)

It took a long time for the motor and the arms to stay connected to the body but it eventually stayed by hot glue and tape.

We also attached the paint brushes to the ends of the arms.

After we connected everything it worked!

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