Maniac Magee

Some characters in the story are Jeffrey AKA Maniac Magee and Mars Bar and Grayson and Amanda.

Mars Bars

When Jefrrey was little his parents died and Jeffrey moved in with his aunt and uncle.But they kept on bickering so Jeffrey ran away.When Jeffrey ran away he met this girl named Amanda and she gave Jeffrey a book.Then jeffrey went to amandas house and lived there for a couple weeks then he ran away because him and amanda got in a argument and jeffrey ran away.When jeffrey ran away he moved in with grayson.Then something happened read the book to find out.

The setting is the baseball park the zoo the east end and west end

the problem is jeffrey does not have a house.the solution is he joined a guy named grayson and they lived together but then something happened.

the theme is you can always find a great freind no matter what.

the author is JERRY SPINNELI


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