Marriage and Family Structure in the Victorian Era Paige potts p.6

What were the responsiblities in a family?

How did the laws in the Victorian era shape marriage?

Did marriage ever change and how was it influenced?

Men and women had different roles in a marriage, but the husband would leave if the wife has not wealthy.

•The man's responsibility was to maintain wealth and plan the future for his sons.

•The wife's duty was to clean the house and plan family outings.

•Within a marriage, the wife needed money from her past family to make the man happy.

Victorian society shaped women in marriage because of the rights and laws.

•The Martimonal Causes Act of 1857 made it easier for women to divorce their husbands but it still was very rare.

•Also, when a women married her husband, she was no longer considered a person.

•Since the wife has not allowed to get an higher education, she had to do what the man wanted her to do.

Charles Dickens' views started to impact the way marriage and family was set up.

•He believed that family was a place to have protection.

• Also, he thought that if one was not married, they should find comfort in his friends or families marriage.

• Lastly, his ideas of marriage and family that are separate from society reflected through his writing.


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