Sketchy Skate Nguyen corp

After years of skateboarding I have realized it is my passion in life. I also wanted to display my personal creative side with skateboarding. Skateboarders are a very unique and diverse group that like to express their diversity. My concept will allow skaters to represent their individuality In a way never seen before.

Business Concept

Sketchy Skate will be a web based company that allows consumers to personalize skateboards. The website will provide users a tool to upload personalized graphics that will be printed on skateboards and shipped to their house directly. Sketchy Skates warehouse will have 21 blank board options in a variety of shapes and sizes. The production area will have three printers and three graphic applicators.

Business Model

  • Website
  • Register domain
  • Create webpage to take online orders
  • Warehouse/production
  • Order raw materials
  • Purchase printer for graphics
  • Purchase equipment to apply graphics to skateboard
  • Employees
  • Web administrator
  • Productionx2-responsible for warehouse and print area
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and promotion-Avery Nguyen


  • Blank Decks-1000 decks @ $10/per
  • Finish-$100/1000 boards
  • Printer ink $500/1000 boards
  • Cost per board=$16/board

Marketing and promotion

  • Social media
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat
  • Trade shows
  • Skateboard magazine ads
  • Networking

Getting started

  • Bank loan
  • $250,000.00
  • Lease building
  • Fill warehouse and start production


Cost=$16/per, Retail=$45/per, $29 profit

  1. First 3 months-1000 boards=29k profit
  2. Next 3 months-1500 boards=43.5k profit
  3. Next 6 months-4000 board said=116k
  4. 118k profit gross-90k (employee)=98.5 net Total boards=6500
  5. Year Two-8000 boards=232k profit
  6. Year Three-10000 boards=290k profit

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