FBI Agent By Kate Reuter

Job Description: FBI agents work on investigating many different violations of the Federal Law and National Security on a daily basis. Some examples of things FBI agents work on or investigate are bank robberies, terrorism, corruption, cyber crime, organized crime, espionage and drug trafficking. A pain point for this occupation is criminal law or business.

Information about being an FBI Agent

Around 71% of FBI Agents are males while 29% are females

"Average annual salary for a FBI Agent is $67,046 based on statistics in the U.S. as of 2015. The highest salary recorded was $145,050. The lowest salary reported was $34,105. These figures will vary on a state to state basis as these are averages across all 50 states."

Fingerprints and how the FBI uses them

The FBI states "Over the years, the FBI and its partners in the law enforcement and intelligence communities have used biometrics not only to authenticate an individual’s identity (you are who are say you are), but more importantly, to figure out who someone is (by a fingerprint left on a murder weapon or a bomb, for example), typically by scanning a database of records for a match.

Another technology the FBI uses:

Around 125 million American's pictures are stored in a very big network of databases which can be used by local and federal law enforcement (Like the FBI) to scan photos and videos of individuals. So, if the FBI gets a picture from a security camera and they do not know who it is and they need to know because the person is suspected of a crime, then they can run that picture through the database and most likely find out who it is as long as the person is in the database. People can get into the database if they have a driver's license or if they have ever been arrested etc.

Why I want to be an FBI Agent

I think this job makes a huge impact on others' lives. Even if all the criminals are not caught, by catching one person it makes other peoples' lives safer. I want to be able to help eliminate crime and help our country become stronger.

How YOU can become an FBI Agent and help stop crime:


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