Marijuana Bias By JAB

Today’s Media is tainted with media bias to extreme levels. Always attempting to downplay anything against them or emphasize their own views. Marijuana legalization while not being the most important topic in media is still one of the most talked about topics in today’s news. With Media’s loss of arguments on both sides stating things like “well marijuana can be abused” Or “marijuana can’t hurt you” are both are open arguments.

In 1970 Marijuana was Added to the list of scheduled 1 controlled Substances act, resulting in today’s uprising for legalization for the narcotic. Many if not all “Pro-Marijuana activist” will argue that marijuana will cure cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. While marijuana has been proven to help elevate the symptoms of these illnesses it cannot from what we have seen cure any of them. Along with the problem of a lot of peer-review articles so who knows what might be added, adjusted or omitted this makes many these reports unreliable to give full and unedited statuses about how the narcotic acts with people.

Marijuana can be addictive but so can anything else. Joe Rogan American stand-up comedian explains this best “people say you can abuse marijuana well Shit you can abuse cheese burgers but, you don’t go around closing burger kings.” By stating that marijuana can be abused you are ignoring the fact that anything can be abused by anyone at any time just because you are talking about marijuana does not make this a special case.

With news articles and videos coming out all the time influencing many people to believe that marijuana is not a harmful substance. But this is not completely the case because people not reporting about the drawbacks of not just Marijuana smoke but any smoke in a person’s lungs can be harmful. With the fact that you are also at a higher risk to crash while driving. Marijuana cannot be considered completely safe.

America has one of the biggest problems with miscommunication and using exaggerations in media when it comes too marijuana from the common saying “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.” Using things like scare tactics or guilt trips to keep people from using marijuana are all problems. Anti-Marijuana Twitter said, “Studies have found that approximately 4 to 14 percent of drivers who sustained injury or died in traffic accidents tested positive for THC.” This shows that people that argue for marijuana to stay as a class 1 illegal narcotic do not use hard facts and will cite studies or “proof” without showing where the information was gathered or obtained making the argument invalid and misleading.

This picture by Frankie Sanchez also assumes that all people using marijuana are forgetful when under the influence. This, while it can affect some people this way it will not always effect everyone this way.

The Issues with media being unable to give realistic and unedited information are larger than people make them out to be. With no real reliable way to get information to the public not just pertaining to marijuana but any topic that has 2 points of view that someone can exaggerate needs to have someone proof checking the information.


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Joe Rogan


Created with images by natekudlich - "cannabis smoke marijuana" Sidney, S. The British Medical Journal, Sept. 20, 2003; vol 327: pp 635-636. Joe Rogan

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