First Presbyterian Church of Midland Midland, Texas

First Presbyterian Church of Midland, originally built in 1937, had experienced many expansions but had always maintained its wonderful, rich history; deeply personal liturgy; and outreach to the community. The church wanted to transform their current facilities to help them better achieve their mission of “Loving and leading all people to a deeper life in Jesus Christ.”

Large windows and an open concept gave the chapel a feeling of connection to the surrounding community.

To create a new main entrance, hedges were cut down and a new front door was cut into the building. The chapel was converted into a multi-functional space that could accommodate lectures, exhibitions, music recitals, weddings, funerals and sunrise services. New finishes and natural light were introduced into the space, while the rich history of the church was preserved by repurposing existing stained glass medallions and large, artistic Alpha and Omega symbols.

This stained glass art piece is among several re-purposed pieces with historical significance to FPC Midland.

East of the chapel, a contemplative amphitheater was created. The center of the amphitheater features a fountain as a reminder of the true ‘Living Water’. This geometrical center is located outside the building, simultaneously drawing the outside community inward and the church community outward. The lines of the architecture also emphasize a ripple effect both inward and outward.

The courtyard depicts ripples starting with circles surrounding the fountain and moving outwards.

Before, the outside of the church was seldom used and had little connection to the downtown area; and the chapel was a dark, closed off part of the church. Now, the amphitheater and renovated chapel have created a multipurpose venue and a connection between the inside and outside of the church, as well as a connection to the local community.

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