French Revolution By: Cooper quick

The Siege of Bastille

Was the french revolution successful? I belive it was, but in the .beginning, you may ask, what started it in the first place? Well it all started when france started going into debt, in fact even though they were in a hideous ammount of debt the kings continued to spend their money leisurely and kept adding on to the debt, also the queen was hoarding grain, this angered the people and caused the revolution.

Photo of Bastille Today.

Another contribution to the revolution would most definetly be the unfairness of the king and while he wasnt a dictator and it technically was a democracy because voting. Their voting system was corrupt as the rich got one vote, the nobles got one vote as well while the poor got only one vote so the poor couldnt win.

Napolion, Hero or Villian

I think napoleon was in fact a hero, i belive this because when he came into the french revolution, he brought the french government out of its depression, and made france a great and powerful nation, by doing this he saved france. And that is why i feel that he is a hero and not in fact a villian. In the end, he would up destroying france yes, but, the intentions were good, so its the thought that counts.

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