Social Experience

I wen to the performance alone, but I had a well communication with a stranger — Allen — besides me. Although we did not know each other before, we still deeply talk about personal opinion to Sarah Bernhardt; then, I was really happy to find that we have almost the same thoughts to "What is the good life" — having good friends and relatives, helping others and traveling to anywhere if I want.

Since it is a very important performance, I wore a formal suit. The performance began at 7:15 P.M, I got there at about 6:30 P.M and chat with Allen, making sure that I had student ID with me.

Chatting with Allen really helped me to understand this performance, since there were no subtitles or script in this show. Sometimes I lost a large important part of the play (since I am an international student and not good at English), Allen told me what happened to the character. Sharing the experience of the play is quite a good way to obtain happiness; I found that chatting with Allen and sharing ideas gave me a joyful time of good life.

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