Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was not just a great baseball player but a hero himself. Babe Ruth has set many records in his days but his most famous record is his home run record. The Babe hit 714 home runs in his career setting himself far from most. Babe Ruth had a rough childhood, set many records, and had a tragic death.

The way Babe grew up made him the way he was. As a child Babe threw and hat as hard and far as he cold. and That's what he did through out his career.

Through out Babes career he set many records. The most famous record is know all over the U.S. Babe hit 714 home runs in his whole career. One of the best records of all time. This record put Babe in the "Baseball Hall of Fame."

Babe was different than other players in many ways. Others wanted to perfect their swing in every way. But Babe swung as hard as he could and threw as hard as he could. Doing this Babe set 7 MLB records his career.

Also Babe Ruth had a rough death when he died of cancer. But some say that he didn't die until his record was broken. Hank Aaron beat with 715 home runs. But Babe Ruth isn't a fake baseball player taking steroids. He was a born baseball player and died as one too.


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