Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Amanda bedoya

The natural museum of history transcends time, exploring the lives of many species over millions of years. The components throughout the museum demonstrate the importance behind living an environmentally mindful life.

I found the “South Florida People and Environments” exhibit very appealing because it gave me an opportunity to learn more about our home and the community that was once here. Although I cannot directly relate to the lives of South Floridians years ago, we share the appreciation of nature and our culture. This exhibit piqued my interest and made my visit that more enjoyable because of how interactive it was with the small information screens, artifacts, and a life size hut. Through these activities, I absorbed the South Floridians way of living- something I would not have fully recognized on the internet.
I think that the Natural Museum of History allowed me to put into perspective the significance of our environment. Walking through the different exhibits, I realized the amount of work our environment does to keep running and how unaware I was of my impact. I acknowledged this fact when I completed the “How energy aware are you?” board in which I measured my sense of conservation in my daily life. I felt guilty for not striving to lessen my consumption as I never put much importance on it. The museum taught me to become ethically responsible as Leopold imagines and respect our environment.
The museum helps me step out of my ordinary life by taking me through the lives of others. I experienced a day in the life of a South Floridian, the sense of community within a diverse set of species, and witnessed the growth of life through butterflies. This allowed me to view myself as a small yet effective contributor to our world, as there are millions of others who have a responsibility as well. In retrospect, the various exhibits and animals let me appreciate the beauty in diversity.

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