What contribution has boarding made to the Kincoppal-Rose Bay community? By Michaela,Caitlin,Hannah and Celina

Boarding HISTORY

Boarding has been a part of KRB’s history since the school first opened in 1882 . It began as a very small school where every student had to board. The boarding school has long histories of families who attended, and there are many traditions within that are still practised today.A historical event for boarders at Kincoppal is the annual event the procession of the lanterns.


The boarding house will ultimately shape the student’s personality and prepare them for going off to college and being away from home. Students will develop useful skills such as independence,respect for others and responsibility.This will also prepare the families, for when they no longer have their child at home.The boarding factor makes the school more than just a place of learning for these students, it becomes their second home.


The boarding school opens new doors to a Sacred Heart education to places out of reach. Girls from the other side of the country, or even the world, can attend KRB and share their cultures and lifestyles with the rest of us. Boarding also allows bursaries which brings indigenous culture to the school. International boarding students give the students a chance to learn about other cultures and not just in the boarding house.

Spiritual traditions

The spiritual factor of the boarding school means that outsiders can experience the specific Sacred Heart education that they can’t at home. The Procession of the Lanterns is a spiritual celebration that has always remained a part of the boarding school tradition. Another tradition that boarders take part in is the inn weekend.The inn weekend takes place the first weekend of each term the boarders stay in and take part in fun activities which creates a stronger bond between the students . As a part of boarding the students regularly attend mass. Even when these girls leave the school, they always remain attached to the Sacred Heart community

Boarding community

The boarding school ultimately means that more students can go to the school, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The school offers bursaries and scholarships, allowing children who deserve to go to the school and board but can’t pay fees. By bringing more girls to school, they’re offered more opportunities including co-curricular and sport.

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