Tattoos on the Heart Book Project By:Adam Miller

Preface and Introduction: Gregory Boyle knew he had to make a change and help the people in his community. A good phrase to summarize this section is taking the initiative. A story that really touched me from this section was the story of Luis. He was the biggest drug dealer in town but he decided to change his life. He worked at the bakery and was living a good life but like so many times before, the man who changed gets killed for no reason. This story really hurt because he changed but still was murdered for no reason.

Chapter 1 God, I Guess: Gregory Boyle tells how God can get very small in our lives very easily. If we aren't careful we let God get out of our lives. Without God nothing in this world really makes sense. A story that really touched me was the story of Scrappy, who pointed a gun at G and was at a very dark place in his life. But he changed and wanted to turn around his life. Scrappy would've never changed if it wasn't for God.

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace: Gang members begin to feel lonely and call themselves a "dis-grace." They feel that their life was a mistake which is not the case at all. They needed a little motivation which is exactly what Fr. G does. He gets them back in control of their lives. The story of Carmen really touched me. She was an addict and finally came to the realization that she needed to change. She even told G that she was a dis-grace. It's really sad that people feel that their lives are a mistake.

Chapter 3 Compassion: Every homie needs to find compassion. That is what will motivate them to change. God is compassion! They need to let God into their hearts, and once they do that, their world will change. I believe that Betito had compassion and had let God in. But sadly he was killed by careless violence. That story really was hard to read because he was such a good kid.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: Many homies get baptized and people are always coming up to G saying "remember when you baptized me?" Baptism is kind of the start of a change in their hearts and lives. They use Baptism as a new beginning which is what Baptism really is. That had to be so hard for G to baptize George, who's brother was killed the night before and he had no idea. George was ready to change his life but his brother being killed could have been a setback. But George was willing to continue down the right path which was very courageous.

Chapter 5 Slow Work: In most cases, it takes a long time to change, but we have to trust the process. Many homies have to do this. They're willing to change but to do this they're going to have to be patient. A story I really liked was Joey's because it was so funny. He had just gotten a job and came to tell G. He is the mascot at Chuck E. Cheese. That's not the greatest job but he was still willing to go out and find a job.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction: We all really desire to be in each other's group or family. All we really want is to be wanted and cared for. This is especially true for the homies. I liked the story of Beto who wanted to make a meal for him and G on a prison camp. But the inmates find him and they all begin to help out which I thought was really powerful.

Chapter 7 Gladness: Sometimes just the little things can make us happy. This is especially true with Fr. G, he is a.ways glad to hear a story from a homie or help them out in a very little way. The story of Fili was one of the funniest stories in the book. He called in to a radio show that G was being interviewed on to tell him he wasn't going to work today. The little things like that brings joy to everyone.

Chapter 8 Success: Success isn't always necessarily only results. Success can be the little achievements or making a step forward in the right direction. We all need to think how Success doesn't mean being rich or popular. Like Scrappy who changed his life around and was working at Homeboy. Scrappy was shot and killed though while removing graffiti early in the morning. Now he was killed, but to me I believe his life was a success.

Chapter 9 Kinship: We all are looking for kinship and that brings us joy. Kinship can just be another person looking out for you or to a very special friendship. Kinship is really just friendship. Another one of my favorite stories was when G invited Alex, Charlie and Felipe to go to the White House with him. I think it's so cool how three gang members visited the White House.

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