How to build a bridge By: Salvador E. Sanchez


  • Glue, popsicle sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, tissues boxes/water bottles, newspaper.


  1. Make two line of sticks
  2. Your first line of sticks should have six sticks total each stick is about two inches apart
  3. For the second row choose five sticks and cover the gap with one popsicle stick
  4. Glue sticks in place, use paper clips to hold joints together until dry (repeat at each glued joint)
  5. Make a new line of sticks two inches apart but this time only use five popsicle sticks.
  6. Connect the row by closing the gap with one popsicle stick per gap.
  7. Connect the two lines of sticks with a horizontal stick on each extreme
  8. Starting at one extreme begin making triangles only using 3 sticks at a. (make even)
  9. Once you have the triangles done split them by putting a stick in the middle.

Top and bottom

  1. Choose multiple sticks and prepare to glue them together to make a wall/floor. (Make two)
  2. Next you just glue the long plant to the bottom and top of the bridge.

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