Appointment Reminder Changes

The primary reason women miss obstetric and gynecological (OB/GYN) appointments is forgetfulness. A change is appointment reminder protocols will decrease the number of missed appointments due to women forgetting. Women’s Health Service of Central Virginia can increase appointment attendance by utilizing an appointment reminder such as a computerized telephone call, text message, or postal card.
Start-up cost have been examined and shown computerized telephone calls and postal cards would cost upward of $1.25, and text messages will initially be more expensive but overall average out to be about twenty cents later. Research studies have shown women would prefer an appointment reminder via telephone, text message, or postal card.
Studies have also shown appointment reminders sent to OB/GYN patients two days prior to their scheduled appointment have increased attendance. If Women’s Health Service of Central Virginia utilizes the computerized telephone calls, text messages, or postal card reminders the number of patients attending appointments will increase, thus increasing office revenue.
Missed appointments can be reduced if Women’s Health Service of Central Virginia sends reminders to patients before their scheduled appointments. Increased attendance of OB/GYN appointments allows women to be tested for diseases and cancers, that when detected early enough can be cured or treated. Changes made in appointment reminder protocols will increase patient attendance and better their health!


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