Being your self

Vision # Poetry # Creativity # Effectivity

What keeps you moving?

You are longing to take a deep breathe, feel your body again. Feel that you are connected with yourself.

Change the canvas and the rhythm of your life. Ask deeper questions to find answers beyond your imagination.

Listen # Vision

I invite you to leave your daily obligations, your routine for a day or maybe two. Enter into the stunning nature of Mallorca and discover the peace you are longing for inside of you.

Here is time for your story. I am your listener.

Receive # Poetry

See the patterns and take the action. What you experience is positive change.

Transform # Creativity

Together we reduce the problem to the most essential. Which results in carefully honed action.

Enable # Effectivity

You are a successful woman between 40-60 years. You have reached a turning point. There are questions about sense and value in life, about feelings and rhythm.

You feel exhausted. Want to take a deep breathe. Come home to yourself.

My work is taking place on Mallorca and other exclusive places worldwide.

We stay together for a day. After that day you receive your personal story book with fotos and quotes of the day which will help you to remember and reconnect. Any question?

Don`t hesitate to contact me: phone: +34 671 691 334

Created By
Gudrun Otten


Jens Franz Kruse

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