Pandemic Puppies By: Scarlett London and arista luong


“His name is Milo, and he is a beagle dachshund mix. We got him from a rescue center out in Auburn Hills, around the first week of August. It’s been something my family, except my mom, has wanted for years, and we finally convinced her.” Lila’s mother thought this would be the best time to get a dog. “What changed my mind was knowing that Lila was going to be doing school from home and her dad is also working from home. So it seemed like a good time to get a dog when we weren't going to be gone all day for school and work.” This decision usually takes some time to figure out, but for Lila’s family, this was not a long time coming. “It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, we started looking, he was the second dog we met, and we just said ‘Yep, we want him. I think it's always nice to have a furry friend there. And just you can kind of take your mind off of things and just lay with them and pet them or play with them for a bit. He’s a total cuddlebug.”


“My old dog died over quarantine, so we decided to get a new puppy. We got Finley at the end of September, and Baxter passed away in early September. We were obviously going to get a new dog, we like dogs, so we always had dogs in our house. We were told that it helps with grieving when you get another puppy, so our grandparents told us we should get one as soon as possible. We weren't expecting to actually get him this fast. My mom saw an ad on Mlive, saying there was a puppy: someone had unexpectedly backed out. She called them and we ended up getting him. He's pretty spunky and really funny. He likes to play with the red laser that is used for cats. He plays soccer in the backyard with my little brother, and cries when he's not given attention. He really needs to be around people 24 seven, and is very dramatic. Finley and Baxter were both attention seeking dogs. Finley actually likes me the most, which is new because all the other dogs have liked my mom the most. I think he's made us all a lot more happy, because you never know what he's gonna do. He's a puppy and he's not the brightest, so he always brings a good laugh. The distraction has helped with a lot of the stress, dealing with everything that's going on in the world today.”


“His name's Bernie, Bernie Bernstein, and he's a golden doodle. We got him at seven weeks old, which is a little early, but because of COVID, the breeder just wanted to get through with the process quickly. He was born March 3rd, and we got him April 21st. We had two dogs when we moved to Michigan, but we haven't had a dog in four years. Our dogs were really old and they died at 14 and 13. Then my mom said, ‘I don't want a dog. You guys never do anything with the dogs, just make us take them on walks…’ We weren't allowed to get a dog for a long time., but during quarantine, we were always going out on walks. We were walking in the arb one day and saw this little puppy that a couple was walking. And my mom just said ‘you know what, we can get a dog.’ So right when we got home, I grabbed the computer and started looking that day. It was the first breeder I reached out to that we ended up getting Bernie from. I've always asked for another dog, but just because all of us are home, I was like, ‘why not?’ Usually we're all gone, but now it was a perfect time to engage with the dog and have enough time to train him and everything. He’s so goofy, our family revolves around him now. I feel like we interact more than we used to because we all have one common interest. When I get stressed, or don't have someone to talk to, I go up to him and I'll just pet him, but because he's so young, he's kind of a spazz and he doesn't really like to cuddle right now. So he just kinda moves and wants to play all the time.”


“She’s a chocolate lab and we got her Friday night, so we haven't fully decided on a name yet. We're thinking about Cider so we're just trying that out. She's so calm, when we first got her I thought she was gonna be really crazy. Oh my goodness, even though we've only had her for two days, she's taken so much stress away, it's crazy. I was doing homework and I just felt calm because she was near me. We've been asking for a dog for like a while and we had kind of given up because we thought it would never happen. My parents had known for two months, but my siblings and I had no idea until we got there. We just saw a dog outside and we were like, oh my goodness. So we've been very happy, because we've been wanting one for a while. My mom isn't going back to her office until January, so we're all going to be home and we have more free time on our hands. She doesn't walk super far so when we take her on walks, we kind of carry her most of the way back. She sleeps a lot but I guess it's kind of normal for a puppy. She’s kind of normal, like she's not super crazy or anything. I work in a basement and I also have a cat and the cat is usually in the basement. My cat does not like her, so I'm guessing she probably won't be near me for most of my classes, but I might come upstairs sometime and see her. If I'm working on something she's just there and I could pet her but then I get distracted from whatever I'm working on. She's kind of stubborn, because if we go on walks she just sits and doesn't move and we have to pick her up and take her, and then set her down when we're there.”