Spring Break 2017 by Jeremy Auger

To start the weekend, we decided to go to Bruneau Dunes State Park

This is a picture of me and my wife on our walk out to the dunes.
This was our first time to the dunes. We found out that we should bring some cardboard or rent sandboards to slide down the dunes like everyone else.

Click on the link below to check out the official site for the dunes.

My brother drove up to Boise to visit for his birthday so we took him out to eat at Tucano's Brazilian Grill. Click on the link below to check out their site.
We posed for a picture to catch the moment.
After lunch, we went to the Village at Meridian to walk around and window shop then caught a movie...Chips...hilarious and I would recommend it!

The next day on his way home, he swung by our house and we took him out to shoot.

This was the first time my brother had shot a pistol in over 30 years! Don't worry...we are wearing ear plugs!

He shot my wife's .22SR first.

Then he tried my 9mm.

I gave him a few pointers to help aid his aim...

We put the teachings into practice.

My daughters love to shoot also...

My daughters love to shoot also...

I hope you enjoyed visiting me this weekend. Wonder what could happen the next weekend...

Created By
Jeremy Auger


All photos taken by myself and my wife.

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