Eye love Universe... Universe loves U...

Just so you have the full story let me give you a little glimpse of whats going on behind the scenes. I will keep it short and simple. The point to all these pages is to give you just enough information in the simplest way possible to give you a full understanding of where the world is at currently.

Back to the phrase: Curtain Close Time!

Here's exactly whats that means.

Keep in mind this is NOT my made up story. This story comes almost entirely from a man named David Wilcock. You can find him on Youtube or Gaia.com Cosmic Disclosure. In comparison to the overall story this will show you the clear puzzle and crossroad situation we are in.

I base my reality off what ever makes sense. It makes sense to me there would be a huge back underground world going on. Several billion people/Money/greed/secrets/technology/power.

As is there are 20 levels of security clearance above the Presidents head. True fact.

Truth about reality: Just because its new to you or you don’t know it doesn’t mean it isn’t real or going on. If you don't know or believe its because your 'not supposed to'.

Just think about it. You don’t know what the military knows. We all know secrets exist. Then we legitimately act like there is nothing going on or to hide. At the same time we are well aware of clearance levels and places such as area 51. Seems to me we haven’t asked ourselves that simple question. Like an oxymoron. We are aware they are hiding secrets but when presented with one we act like its not real or there isn't any. Probably because its scary. That is why it is a secret. Not all secrets are scary however. This is a tactic to keep you away in general. A slow release of technology means more control. We have no idea what kind of technology really exists.

Not all secrets are to benefit you. A lot are for selfish reasons. We all know we compete with other countries over technology right?

So why on earth would they reveal the best technology to the public? They don’t want others to copy them or catch on. The public as documented on paper is on average ten years behind the curve. In this case many many more.

So here is a quick gist to get you up to date on the big picture. Meaning the rulers of earth or “Global elites”.The "Illuminati" and the overall situation between the secret space program and the sphere being alliance.

Earth is in a situation. A crossroad situation.

2012 Massive extraterrestrials or higher dimensional beings entered into our solar system. These extraterrestrials are known as the Blue Avians or the Sphere Being Alliance. Consisting of 5 total races of advanced beings. They take the form of 8-12ft tall blue bird like humanoids with apparent orange sun colored eyes.

They are called the sphere being alliance because they travel in ships or orbs rather which are giant spheres ranging in various sizes. The size of our moon all the way to the size of Jupiter! About 1000 times bigger than the earth!

They are here to assist in the consciousness revolution about to take place on planet earth.

They have placed a net around the solar system itself and around our planet making it a no fly zone. Yes- there is advanced space flight technology or interplanetary vehicles.

The global elites were planning on leaving the earth before this event took place but did not make it out in time. So in a sense they are pinned down on earth in a pickle. Afraid for their lives knowing its: “curtain close time” or time to reveal all. Meaning all the secrets including the basic one being their own presence and existence.

That was the main issue -Disclosure-

How do we inform the public of all this information they don’t know about without facing any backlash?

They could not for the life of them figure it out and did not want to give up. Thinking they are going to have to fight for their lives or till the bitter end. Not wanting to relinquish control to another party.

So the main option on the table for them was reveal tid-bits of technology and information but leave out the rest or the bad. In order to get us even more on their side rolling out the disclosure process over the next 50-100 years. This clearly was not going to be allowed as an option with more and more groups turning against them systematically attempting to dismantle their power structure. As well as more and more members defecting. Even forming their own future plans for earth after they take control. Known as the earth based alliance. The plans being called NWO 2.0 a lesser controlled and slightly better version of the NWO but a group would still take the reigns allowing the chance again for corruption. Then you still have the big issue of disclosure to the public. Which would be no walk in the park considering the sheer depth of the secrets. An alternative route to say the least would come in handy at this point.

The top elites tried to throw in the towel and escape. The offer was rejected and they had to stay. The lower members found this out and an internal battle broke out. Lower members feeling as if they were about to be left with all the blame after being loyal for so long.

Even their own Secret Space Program known as Solar warden has since turned against them. Solar Warden is a vast independent self operating space program throughout our solar system with bases operating on moons and meteors.

So things are heating up and heading towards that crossroad situation I previously mentioned.

Perfect time for the character known as the ‘one’ to enter the scenes.

To bring the struggle up to all new levels. All parties were a simple witness to this characters actions. The reason for earth being in this situation right now and watched like a hawk by the universe is: They are watching creation unfold!

Creation is a struggle!

Or else it would be meaningless.

This is the Blue Avian’s last stop. Earth.

This character turned out to be the true one responsible for disclosure. On an even larger level then expected. No one knew that they have been a part of creation itself since the very beginning. Not even this new character.

Understanding now as to why they weren’t allowed to leave because they themselves are going to be a part of the new world not NWO 2.0 but a new world entirely. They themselves being a necessary part and even a natural part of creation believe it or not. Its completely natural and expected for groups to take control and seek power and attempt to hold on to that power.

After learning the finale and incredible twist of a truth. Everyone and all parties are ready to end it.

Struggle for power creates reality believe it or not. Even the "bad guys" of the puzzle are simply necessary pieces of creation. Even if the group previously in charge wanted to stay in charge and lets say try and "take this character out". They couldn't unless they wanted to interfere with the process of creation itself How and why could you kill a being which you yourself are a part of!?

This put the power in the hands of the humans in a major way bringing us up to a direct equal level now having no choice but to work together! Our consciousness and internal understanding of reality creating the bottom of the latter in the universe. Turning around and ending up in the most powerful position of the universe because of this. The reason how is simple: The universe centers around us humans and our consciousness. Meaning- the 3rd and lower dimension exists within us as a part of us! We hold down reality as the bottom beings of reality. As we as a human race begin to ascend we bring the entire universe up with us. We are the bottom of the universe and in a position of power because of such. After finding this out. All extraterrestrial races now know. Instead of hurting the human race and possibly even keeping them down. We need to help them and care for them building them up as equals. Realizing that since we as human beings hold down reality at the very bottom. When you keep us down, you keep reality down including yourself! For one we created the universe itself and it rises with us! The universe itself created us!

Start to look at the big picture of things now that you have the pieces.

A group had great control over the population to an extent even unknown to me. They believed in keeping us down and earths frequency down. Keeping us lost and confused in a state of chaos. Out of that chaos they gained power and control. Keeping us down was key to keeping control and the system which favored them. Called chaos theory. We are much stronger than meets the eye we just don't know it yet. Just like we didn't know the true nature and potential of the universe. You don't know the true potential of yourself. The true limitless potential of yourself!

Remember its a process of creation. Good is here to come. We only go up!! First we got to grow up!! Meaning no more denial. We can no longer deny the obvious or overlook information which could change the world greatly just because its debatable.

Blue Avians Tethered to Sun- About 1000 spheres ranging in size from the Moon Neptune and Jupiter. Small blue orbs have been known to visit people. Another word for it is the Blue pearl. When you see blue flashes. Some are lucky to see one their whole life! The Blue Avians cannot directly interfere with the planet or affect our spiritual evolution and karma. But they can assist with raising the positive energy so we can find it on our own. They have been known to affect dreams. When ever you have a dream about being in a classroom. I believe they are trying to tell us earth is the classroom. The idea is to affect our consciousness's as to insight change within us. Where we seek out change on our own as to lead the way towards our own consciousness/spiritual revolution.

Which is a simple as learning as if in a classroom. Just knowing what you need to learn.

Knowing a new direction exists is exciting in its own. The world is not at a lack of ideas. Its at a lack of enthusiasm. Directions open up but we only follow the ones the world presents for us. For us to take charge of our world we need to take charge of our selves. Lets present the world a direction! Knowledge is key! The right knowledge is key to a car named "Future"! Which has GPS and knows the freeway directly towards the future. Your the driver! Consider this information the gas! Its up to you how fast you go. This car runs on premium where you can only find from one source. Sure there are side sources that can get you by and help to fill in whats missing. But the one source keeps the car grounded and centered. As to keep it from getting lost. That source is the source.

Lets Gradually - Graduate!

The finale lesson is love and to shine the light inwards. We and reality go hand in hand. A reflection of our entire internal world from our understanding to our emotions and thoughts. As we develop a better understanding natural changes will follow. Better understanding better point of view. Better point of view better world or reality. Internal to external reflection!

Just a glimpse of how important it is to learn and love yourself!

Forgiveness. . .is key. . . The only way to stop the karma wheel . . .

Religion and spirituality are one in the same the problem in life is the separation we make between everything. Jesus Christ was a good man. The butterfly affect caused by his wake was not. Obviously without Jesus around you can twist his words and use them for control at the same time discrediting Jesus's name. Jesus and god are one in the same alone with everything else all being one. Hell is a concept of the mind. The NWO and the New Age Movement have since merged together as one and are moving in the same direction as a natural process of creation or learning. Hence the phrase we are all one. Connected to one - the ALPHA or "collective center". Like Inception. If you do enough research and have an open enough mind. You will see a bold puzzle being formed on earth. Around earth more specifically centering around 'one' single person unknown to us all! In order to form the final message of reality and truth. As well as have the power to bring us together. The big event is a shift made after a fascinating discovery about our own reality. A discovery strong enough to merge all the people together as a planet with the same goal or mission. After which we will enter into the new phase in life. That discovery will bring miracles and stories with power! Its not to gain power or take control. Its to set the record straight and relinquish control. A mediator to simply connect the dots. Those dots being the connection between the evolutionary leap in consciousness and the paradise earth! First to get there you have to defeat the enemy in the way!

In this clip highly relative to this message, Gohan a Human, Battles the one in charge trying to rule the universe, Cell an alien. It ends as a balance realizing they are in a tossup situation unable to beat one another. The best and really only possibility is to work together turning around as the strongest force entirely in the universe and coming to an equal agreement where all parties win. Realizing after they end the fight and release the bad energy once and for all the universe can ascend. The bad guy of the story having finally met his match fist for fist realizing he is in-fact outmatched and the game is over. The universe creating a character, a young kid above all who has the ability to defeat the boss and free the universe. Like the epic of Gilgemesh. A human formed out of clay thrown down to earth to fit a position perfectly and "humble the world". After single handedly taking control of the castle again bringing the power to the people once and for all. Defeating someones pride is often enough.

Some may ask why humans? of all races of extraterrestrials that may exist throughout the universe. Well simple. We are and have the potential to be the most compassionate forgiving and humble beings in the universe with incredible even unknown potential. Beings to learn from. We are the most loving beings in the universe. Very unpredictable and amazing. Highly unique. Part of the worry about the human race was how unpredictable we are. Well we are very unpredictable indeed. Like this left turn right here and the unpredictable forgiveness and intelligence they didn't think we had.

With so many races of Extraterrestrials talked about apparently circulating our planet like puzzle pieces in this dimension or the next. Its hard to know what to trust or how to make sense of it. Well you don't really need to. Why don't we completely drop the past and move on together merging together as equals or one. Start climbing the latter of life together as we are supposed to. The next chapter of the universe. All we need is a simple mediator. That's where the one comes in. Who's a better mediator then the host?

The fact is no matter how high the dimension or how advanced you are compared to others. You are just as equal and just as important.

I know it sounds like a lot especially to those of you who are aware of the behind the scenes world to simply forgive and walk away. But this is a part of ascension and clearly we now know it was all a bizarre but rather necessary part of creation. A lesson which was a hard one meaning we learned everything the hard way. Forgiveness is the only way.. That's why humans have been blessed with this position. Reality is up to us. We are in charge now and its our turn to be the judge. Just know when you sentence someone to time you are sentencing yourself as well. We cant rise or ascend as a whole unless we all do. This is a no child left behind scenario. Considering we are all one! We in-fact are the young parents of the universe!

Lets use our gift and be forgiving as we truly are. We speak of violence like its nothing possibly even cool! but when faced with the actuality of it we see the truth. We don't want violence or to punish anyone. We hate being put in those positions. We simply want to live in peace. That's all we have ever wanted. The more we care for each other the higher we rise. The point is this. The mightiest of alien races is not the billion year evolved one. Its us equally! Its a caring system. As we care for each other we rise. As we look down upon our animals and take care of them as if they were in-fact the creators as well we rise! Its about the big guy turning around and helping the little guy. The one being a little guy!

A story about a young boy who created everything in the story with his overactive imagination. He was afraid of everything growing up and finally realized all his fears were in his head. The story starts out with him learning about small dinosaurs and expands out to bigger and bigger dinosaurs. His imagination growing and expanding as he learns about the dinosaurs for the first time. Its about how his reality expands as he learns information. Also about how to handle what you learn without being frightened of it and imagining it the wrong way letting your imagination haunt you. At the end he takes control of his imagination and imagines all the bad away. Safe to say a complicated individual.

In the bible they mention a day when the lion will lay with the calf- When referring to the paradise earth. Maybe this will reflect the shift in consciousness. Do you really need to eat in a dream or higher dimension?

the lion will rest with the lamb as friends and not eat it. when we rest with the lamb as friends and not eat it.

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