Spark portfolio of Kelsey Lovejoy By Kelsey Lovejoy

Thank you for choosing to view this Spark Portfolio. I hope you enjoy the works of art and design that I post here!

Wall Art - Create!

This project was creating a design for a wall, door, or window. I chose to use the word "Create!" and used a rainbow glass motif to help inspire others and myself to keep that creative flow!

This was a design for a Wall Art Project. This was the first version was made in Photoshop, which, admittedly, is not the best program to create a bunch of transparent colorful boxes. The font is Wizard Magic.
This was my improved version. I gave it a digital-like black box deterioration at the bottom, helping to let the rainbow boxes stand out even more. This was done on Illustrator instead, and was much easier to work with.
A mock up of my design on a wall. I flattened the colors to make it look like paint. It still looks very nice without the transparencies.
This is the original design, fitted on a glass wall for another mock up. I think it looks the best on the glass!
Letter Metamorphosis

This was a project about transforming a letter into an object in several steps. I chose the letter "C" and a coffee cup.

For the font, I chose Optima, which is very dear to my heart.
This is the metamorphosis, done in 7 steps, 5 if you don't count the first and last. It gradually changes shape and color. This was done in Illustrator. I used the C and copied it to make the needed changes. I repeated this process until I created the finished form.
This is the final picture of the coffee cup.

This is a project dedicated to the appreciation of letterforms, about how letters are not just type, but also shapes. Two letters were chosen, and each had to be made into a pattern, like a shape. This was all done in Illustrator with several instances of copying and pasting.

The first letter was a lowercase "k" in the Apple Chancery font. I rotated four to make a box in the middle. From there, I copied the four and repeated the pattern.

Next, I chose an "S" in the same font. I repeated the S's in a slanted pattern to give the illusion of chain links, swirls, or vines. It depends on how you look at them.

This is the final version, made with the boxes of the two letterform patterns, repeated like on a quilt.
Elemental Phoenixes

This was for a word art project, where I hand lettered words/phrases into the shape of an animal. My chosen subject was two phoenix-like birds circling to touch. The wording is in Latin. On the ice Phoenix is written Finis Glacium, which roughly translates as "End Ice" or "Ice of the End." The fire Phoenix is made with the words Principum Inis, or "Fire of the Beginning." I started with hand sketches, then worked digitally. The black and white digital version was made in Adobe Illustrator. That was then taken into Photoshop to create the color effects for the last version on this grid.

Crystal Phoenixes

This is a different version of the word art project, taking the colors of the mythical birds themselves. These were made with several layers of colors, a bevel effect, and an inner glow to make the crystal effect. Then they were put on a full black background.

A Fire in the Sunset

This was the Fire Phoenix from the Crystal Phoenixes before. This bird was given a new color treatment, an outer glow, a second glow with a burn effect, and a picture of the sunset. Done in Photoshop.

Down to the Wire

A simple Adobe Illustrator design of a common idiom.

A Roost for Dragons

A photoshop painting of an island home for a mythical dragon.

Fire on the Water

A photoshop painting of a small volcanic island on the ocean.

A Snake For West Virginia

Made for the SkillsUSA T-shirt Contest for West Virginia. It won 2nd place in the Putnam District, Spring 2015. The snake is West Virginia's state snake, the Rat Snake, which is never really discussed. It is coiled around coal and the one natural diamond found on West Virginia soil.

The Photoshop Painting
The final T-shirt for a Snake for West Virginia. Made in Illustrator.
Product Label

A simple little Photoshop painting of a Jelly label. The font is Fontleroy Brown.

A not-so Chinese Zodiac

This is an Adobe Illustrator project, using a somewhat Chinese style aesthetic and containing the Zodiac that most western countries use. This went through three versions. One decorated with simple birthstones that mostly correspond to the Zodiac, one with Sakura trees without a background, and the final, that adds a day and night background, complete with fake constellations and falling Sakura petals.

Lantern Rough Sketch
Sketch with Different Angle
Gem Version
Sakura Version
A Simple Thermometer - A Magazine Layout Practice

This was a writing and layout project based off of an object of personal sentimental value. A great chance to try out a colorful, geometric layout for this spread. Complete with fake page numbers and colorful boxes. Made in Adobe InDesign.

Personal Logo Trial

Trying to make a personal logo. This is similar to the Wall Art I made before this. The font is Apple Chancery. I also used a white wallet and a blank business card to use as mock-ups. I think it looks wonderful on a white background!

Personal Monogram Roughs

A bunch of roughs for a personal monogram. All made in Adobe Illustrator.

50 Arrows

This was a creative challenge: to create thumbnails of 50 distinctly different arrows. I had a lot of fun, and came up with ideas ranging from obvious to obscure, detailed to simple, and all in between. Personal fave is number 10.

A Glassy Cascade

This was a simple trial of different Photoshop effects. This uses several layers of the word "cascade," with transparent letters and shading and highlighting to create an overall glassy effect. I copied the same effects to the background, made with a simple rainbow radial gradient.

Geometric Peacock

This was made in Adobe Illustrator, with a self challenge of only using triangles to create this beautiful bird. It looks almost like origami in how the triangles meet. The whole bird was copied and made black to create the shadow behind.

A Mountwest Christmas

This was a Christmas card design for Mountwest Community & Technical College. Made in Adobe Illustrator (one of my favorite programs), this features several subtle gradient meshes and glow effects. The set includes layouts for the card and graphics for the website and the on campus TV displays.

Social Media Graphic

This is a simple Facebook banner. Each item on this banner is a separate image, staged at nearly the same angle, and cut out to give the illusion of it all being dropped on this space.


This is a creative challenge of morphing two different animals into a new one. I chose a simple house snake and fruit bat to create the illusive "Snakebat!"

Halloween Cinquain Poem

A somewhat dark Chinquapin poem that I wrote. Made in Photoshop, I painted this background and made two versions: a more normal, melancholic grey sky version, and an ominous red sky version.

Font Expressions

A personal project, using specialty fonts, colors and imagery to express meaning and emotion.

Mountwest Graduation Invitation

This is a design made for the 2017 Mountwest commencement ceremony. Made in Photoshop with only one color in different levels of opacity to create a more dynamic hierarchy.

Dragon Mask

This paper mache dragon mask was made in several steps. First, I used flower wire to make a base. (It's the green wire in the wire frame to the top left.) Then, I filled the space with more malleable white wire. I covered the outside and inside with tape to give it a full surface. Then, I considered the color. I wanted it to be black with purple markings. So I couldn't use a black base because purple paint wouldn't look right. I decided on using purple paper, which I dipped into a mixture of glue and water to make the surface. I painted the mask black and left where I wanted the markings blank to stay purple. I added some beads and trinkets for some final touches.

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Kelsey Lovejoy


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