Descriptive Writing By jacynta

Hi my name is Jacynta I am 13 I am Cook Island Maori and I attend Papatoetoe High School.I attended Papatoetoe Intermediate and i also attended Piripono which is a Maori primary school.The shield is split into 4 parts that represent different things goals ,school ,hobby and culture and in this i will write a paragraph to describe what i have done for each quarter.

New Zealand

GOALS:For goals i drew a picture of a flight attendant standing with her hand out as if she is pointing them in a direction to there seat or offering something to them.She is wearing a blue flight attendant uniform which includes a skirt a polo shirt a pair of heels and a blouse and a round shaped hat. I

but i dont wanna be asian

SCHOOL:For school i drew a piece of paper and a stack of bright books.I did them bright to show that yes studying and learning is boring but if u change the little things it can be fun.i also coloured the background blue for my house which is kauri.

HOBBY:For hobby i drew a picture of a phone.It show that i like to play on my phone and use social media.It has the little icons to show the apps i use.I use facebook ,Instagram ,Snapchat, Youtube ,Musically etc.

CULTURE:For culture i drew a few cultural patterns to symbolize my two cultures Cook Island and Maori and i filled it with colours for the Cook Island side i did bright topical colours and for the Maori side i did some darker colours.


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