Florida Museum of Natural History By: Brooke Madden

Nature on Display

Photo of frog display and Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17.

Nature on Display

The frog exhibit was by far my favorite exhibit that was displayed at the Florida Museum of Natural History. This particular display contained numerous of amounts of different species of frogs. Some I've never heard of, others that were very common. The reason I found this frog display particularly appealing is because I have always loved frogs and I find them very interesting. I loved how the design of the display was laid out so you could see every frog and how they interact within their exhibit. It was neat to actually see how the frogs interact with one another which you don't really see on a daily bases if you see them in the outside world in lakes and ponds. The thing I found most particularly exciting and enjoyable about this exhibit was the fact that there were so many different types of frogs.

Photo taken of Brooke Madden in the butterfly exhibit by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit was particularly special to me because it actually gave you a chance to interact with the butterflies and birds. I believe this exhibit, and the rest of the museum really proved Leopold's theory. The butterfly exhibit gives you a chance to let the butterflies interact with you and is in my opinion, the most beautiful exhibit in the museum. It was amazing to see all the plants and flowers that were provided for the butterflies, and it really gave me a sense of appreciation when interacting with it. When going through the museum I was mesmerized in a way. I was in complete awe to see all the work, beauty, and creativity that was put into the museum. I loved all the different smells that were presented in the butterfly exhibit, it truly smelled like nature. My friends, and other groups around me reacted to the exhibits in a similar fashion that I did. We were all amazed to see everything the museum had to offer. The museum allows you to connect with nature by actually letting you interact with the butterflies. Although, you aren't supposed to touch anything, they aren't opposed to the butterflies landing on you; and I think that's a great sense of interaction on it's own. I think the museum gave me a whole new appreciation and admire for nature just as Leopold described.

Photo of Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Museum of Natural History can help us step away from our ordinary lives and give us a sense of appreciation in many ways. By going here, we can escape from all things that are materialistic and things that we feel as though we need to survive, and actually take a minute to appreciate nature and the things that are naturally given. It helps us better understand who we are by making us realize that the world doesn't need us as much as we need it. I feel as though it makes us look at the bigger picture, things that go beyond jobs and families and relationships. This museum really captures and displays the beauty and intricacy of the world.

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