A Fire Walk Part of the Wednesdays in the Park Series

After several weeks of not getting out to the Shenandoah I finally made it yesterday (Feb 22, 2017). By chance I hiked in an area that had been devastated in April of 2016 by one of the biggest fires in the Park’s history. It was remarkable to see how much growth has occurred in less than a year after so much destruction. It is a nice trail with a lot of up and down that stays in pretty heavily wooded area.

Normally green in the woods means life but here it means life on the outside only. There was a very large area of nothing but these dead trees covered in green.

In most of the rest of the area the green was a sign of life recovering from the fire, as almost every mountain laurel had charred trunks and branches surrounded by new green shoots. Some trees even had sprouts from the base of the burned trunks that were almost 4 feet tall already.

And empty seed pods having done their part for next spring.

It was a lovely hike that left me feeling inspired and uplifted.

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