Seneca Libraries Fall 2020 An Overview of New Online Services for Faculty and Staff

Seneca Libraries has a number of new projects and updates to support you in your online teaching. Read on for an overview, and reach out to your liaison librarian with questions!

Welcome Back Drop-Ins

Your school's drop-in session will be hosted by your liaison librarians. In addition to fielding your questions about library support for your online classes, we will provide a brief overview of the key areas of library support to help you with your online courses including:

  • Library resources (e.g., videos, images, eBooks, archives, case studies, articles, and more)
  • Digital & research assignment instruction (e.g., workshops, tutorials, packages, research appointments)
  • Citation & plagiarism help (e.g., online citation style guides, workshops, modules, virtual chat)
  • Copyright (e.g., policy, guide, modules)

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New Self-Directed Tutorials

This summer the library was hard at work creating new and updated self-directed tutorials for students. These tutorials can easily be linked within your course, or embedded in your course with a package. In addition to our previous tutorials and library sessions, the new tutorials include:

APA 7th Edition

The library is ready to support you and your students in the transition to APA 7 in a variety of ways, including:

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Want to learn even more about the top tips for faculty from Seneca Libraries?


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