Family walk to the Domaine de Careil

Rubber boots, binoculars, camera, a little patience, children always ready for new challenges ... check-list ok? Challenge # 1 : Take a tour of the Careil Estate in Iffendic to observe the birds.

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In the duck family I would like the mallard ? Too late he is already gone but look a little further a gray heron is posted there on the other side of the pond. And there, a whole group of diving ducks, necessarily Pond Careil is one of the most important breeding site for this species in the west. Two observation posts are available to observe them discreetly.

In fact here it is "the place to be" for more than 150 different bird species thanks to the County Council that has made this site of 96ha, a bird sanctuary since 1988, or a little "village step" on this migratory corridor.

It is in winter that the diversity of species is the most remarkable, hundreds of birds from the north of Europe stop there to feed.

We can distinguish surface ducks and divers, the great cormorant, the black-headed gull, the great egret, the gray heron and the crested lapwing ... Whalers, young and old, walk diligently along the banks and wetlands in search of food.

France is located on one of the migration routes of nesting birds in the Nordic countries. Most birds stop at Careil for a few hours or days to regain strength and replenish their fat reserves.

Once you have gone to discover the birds, do not be surprised, for the purpose of your binoculars you will surely come face to face with a horse or a sheep ! And yes, this site is almost self-sustaining thanks to an eco-pastoral management, since 1993 endangered species such as the mule horse of Poitou, the Breton cow pie noir and highland cattle (cosmopolitan site), the horse of Breton trait, the sheep of the Landes de Bretagne and the goat of the moats.

©office de tourisme du lac de Trémelin

Until the first observation post the path has been laid, to finish the tour of the pond you will have to get out of your backpack your best pair of boots.

Observation posts and interpretation panels allow children to better understand the environment around them and to take care of them so that they can escape into these preserved areas for a long time !

And for those who wish to enter the privacy of the area of Careil, we advise you to get up early one morning to observe the awakening of animals ... it's beautiful ! a taste of video here :

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