Drag racing CO2 By zach spelCe


At first drag racing was some restless adrenaline high junkies. That would race across the highway in dragsters. More people started to do the race and later it became official. There were a lot of injuries the first time they starting racking. Now a days u who pirchuetts shooting and racers wearing a lot of proction. Yet people still get hurt.


Drag racing is a national competition that now airs on TV. The races are a distance of 402m. Drag racing has been going on for 113 years now. There have been some races 66ft long are finished in .5 secs. The cars now r going so fast now that even after the hit the breaks and the porchuette goes out they still travel 100 feets.

Drag races can be dangerous to so be carful


The furture will probably be safer for drag racing. Also though cars will probably be breaking the sound barrier ever race. Cars could be slower or we could design drag racing/flying where u start off racing on the ground then take off and fly. Or cars could be smaller than ever.

But we are going to be drag racing little cars powered by CO2 engines. Below you will find contributing factors that affect the performance of our dragster.

Airó dynamics

This car is good for airó dynamics. It is slanted so the wind can just slide over it. Inside of getting caught in a area. Which will slow the car down. Airó dynamics are important because it can speed up or slow down your car.


Weight is important because the heavier your car the more mass. Which means gravity can pull it down. Which will create friction. Friction is what makes your car come to a complete stop. No friction means your car can go on forever.

Other forces that will affect your car

The forces that act on the dragster are the weight/pull of gravity. The thrust lift and the drag like a friction. Plus the airó dynamics and wind restinces.

Goals and completed

2/13/17Yesterday I got my car cut and traced. COMPLETED cutted out my paper and traced.

2/14/17 Today my goal is to get my car cut out fully. Also start assembly the axle and wheels. Completed Just got my car cut out.

2/15/17 Today sandpaper with 100 grit. and clean up my car. Then start rolling/ test running. COMPLETED got 70% sanded and started some test runs.

2/16/17 I will start to finish sandy and cut the axles. COMPLETED still sandy

2/22/17 I will use 400 to sand. COMPLETED started to use 400

2/23/17 I will use 400 to sand then start paint COMPLETED finished 400 and put first coat on

2/27/17 I will put my 2nd layer of paint on today. COMPLETED put 2nd layer on

3/1/17 I will start to put my design on then sit and wait for it to dry COMPLETED I painted 3rd coat

3/2/17 I will paint it blue with a strip design COMPLETED Finished painting blue and finished design

3/3/17 I will sand and make it look pretty Completed It looks pretty

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