Cheesecake Paradise By: Sam Pozsgay

I came up with my business based on what I want my career would be: cooking. I love to cook at home, but I only cook easy meals.

When I thought about food, I thought about what specific kinds of food to make. I thought about Italian food, and thought about making something a lot of people enjoy: cake, which made me think about cheesecakes.

I live with my parents and 2 younger brothers. My mom helps me cook dinner.

Outside of school, I play tennis, but it’s always before dinner, and I always wish I could go home and cook and eat something. Soon, I am able to go home and eat.

Maybe there will be a lot of younger customers, maybe it will be older customers. Having certain cheesecakes for special events might attract customers.

My business is different because customers also have the option to buy coffee. People would want to buy something they enjoy.

My company’s mission is to provide my customers with something they will enjoy. The company’s desire is to wow the customers in a completely different way than most other businesses.

My business will make cheesecakes for people who don’t want to make their own. My business also serves people coffee to people who don’t/can’t make their own.

One slice of cheesecake costs $3.00; a full cheesecake will cost $15.00 ($10.00 during special events). One coffee costs $1.50.

I would give some money to organizations that help homeless pets. I will give away 15-20% of my profits depending on how much money is made in one day.

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