Media & Entertainment Study Tour Maymester 2018

The 2018 Media & Entertainment Study Tour (MENT 4495) was a smashing success!

During the first week of the tour, students met with industry professionals in the boardroom of the Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program where they had the opportunity to ask questions about everything from how to network, what types of experience/internships are the most valuable, and best practices in the industry, and they learned about the personal journeys of each speaker.

The same themes emerged from each meeting: 1) always be the hardest working person in the room, 2) even if you're not exactly sure what type of media/ entertainment job you want, just start somewhere and eventually you will find your path through the industry and into your "dream job," and 3) build relationships! Your connections will get you where you need to be. It's all about who you know.

Speakers from Week One included:

Beth Keener, Actor/Host/Producer (beth-keener.com)
Filmmaker & Storyteller Dale Goldberg (drgfilms.com)
Stone Stafford, Owner of Icon Studios (www.iconstudiosatl.com)
Entertainment Lawyer Amy Oraefo (http://www.aopclawfirm.com)

Writer/producer/entertainment marketer Carmen Madison

Holly Quinlan, CEO of Cobb Travel & Tourism (travelcobb.org)
Kennesaw State University Videographer Marc Francis (ironcrossmedia.us)
During Week Two, we hit the road! Site visits took us all around Atlanta and we met amazing people at the following locations:

We toured Cartoon Network, Turner Studios, and Adult Swim & met with Standards & Practices director Cheryl Jackson.

Tuesday, we visited SunTrust park and had a guided tour throughout the venue and on the field. We also met with Entertainment Coordinator Camille Tracy in the press box.

Wednesday took us to City Winery where we met with Marketing Director Jim Ethridge, & Marketing Coordinator Seth Ramsey. What an amazing event and concert venue!
Wednesday also took us to non-profit re:imagine/ATL where we met with Julie Foster-Straw and Susanna Spiccia. They really engaged with the students, offering advice for breaking into the industry, giving tips on how to write professional emails, and encouraging them to find their dream jobs. (http://www.reimagineatl.com/)

Final stop: Third Rail Studios. President Dan Rosenfelt hosted us and toured us through the studios where we saw set design, remnants of a recent production, and production spaces waiting for their next project. The space was incredible, and their plans for future development will be a game-changer!

This two-week experience was one for the books! Students connected with industry professionals and learned so much about the media & entertainment space, and each student came away with an action plan for success in the industry.

We owe a debt of gratitude to each of these wonderful speakers and hosts. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of you.

And a massive THANK YOU to Keith Perissi, Director of the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business (MEBUS) Program at Kennesaw State University for his assistance in connecting me to so many of our guests and hosts: Beth Keener, Dale Goldberg, Stone Stafford, Amy Oraefo, Marc Francis, Jim Ethridge, Susanna Spiccia, Julie Foster-Straw, and Dan Rosenfelt. The B.S. in Media & Entertainment in the School of Communication & Media is so very excited to be partnering with you!

For any inquiries about the 2018 Study Tour or the forthcoming Maymester 2019 Study Tour, please reach out to me: Dr. Erin Ryan, Associate Professor and Director of the B.S. in Media & Entertainment, School of Communication & Media, Kennesaw State University: eryan3@kennesaw.edu. I look forward to connecting with you!

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